What is NCC | How to Join Ncc Special Entry in 2024

Ncc full form is (National cadet corps) is Known as Indian military cadet corps. The NCC logo & Uniform specifies the motto, i.e., Unity and Discipline. The meaning of Ncc in Hindi is (Ekta aur Anushasan).

How to Join Ncc Special Entry in 2021

The National Cadet Corps is known as an integral part of the Indian Defence Forces. It allows all the school students to live a life of army personnel and learn the importance of discipline and regularity in the students’ lives.

If you have NCC ‘C’ certificate, then there are so many benefits to the National Cadet Corps Certificate holder, which I will discuss one by one. First of all, the question comes How will you get the Certificate?

National Cadet Crops Certificate Examination

How to Get NCC Certificate

To get an NCC certificate, All the students have to apply through their school or institute. The eligibility to apply for the Certificate are listed below.

Eligibility to Get Certificate

  • You must have your admission or enrollment number of any school or institution to apply for Ncc.
  • The character Certificate issued by a recognized university or school should be good.
  • The student should be a citizen of India.
  • Mentally and physically fit.
  • The age of Students should be between 12 years to 18.5 years old for Junior Wing.
  • Senior Wing student’s age should be between 18 years to 26 years.
  • Enrollment time is two years for Junior Wing and three years for Senior Wing.

These are the basic eligibility to create the National Cadet Corps certificate. Now we are going to discuss the type of Certificate and how many days are required for the training for each certificate.

Type of Certificates

There are three types of NCC certificate in the Indian Military Cadet Corps.

  • A Certificate
  • B Certificate
  • C Certificate

How to apply for NCC Certificate

All the Schools recognized Institutes and Colleges with NCC facilities; only those students can apply for the National Cadet Corps. There are various Area Wise units across the country for National Cadet Corps. Through which training is provided to students studying in schools, colleges, and some other recognized Institutions.

The Army officers, JCOs, and jawans teach live in these units for the students who need the training to join NCC. Most of the Government and private schools are already have a link with the National Cadet Corps unit.

Every school has to go through rules and regulations to apply according to the given format. After fulfilling all the conditions, the school gets approval from the NCC Commanding Officer.

If a student does not have an NCC facility within the school, he can apply from the nearest NCC unit’s commanding officer in the nearest school (which has an NCC facility). Students must have to take permission from the commanding officer.

Click Here to Apply Direct online – indiancc.nic.in


Junior Wing Ncc Certificate Application

All the students who apply for the Junior Wing have to apply through the application as per the School Headmaster’s format (including NCC).

Click here to Apply directly here – Click here.

Senior Wing Ncc Certificate Application

For the students to apply for the Senior Wing, it has to use in the application format given to the nearest unit’s Commanding Officer. After this school verifies the details, and the commanding officer ensures that the student is medically fit.

Now students have to sign the declaration form and submit it to the commanding officer. Some of the students are below 18 and submit a declaration form signed by their parents or guardian.

In this way, School students can apply for Junior Wing and Senior Wing.

When students are under training, then they termed as a cadet. And after training cadet has to go through the examination. Now we will discuss the pattern or the details required for the National Cadet Corps Certificate Examination.

Click here to Apply directly here – Click here.

Pattern and eligibility for National Cadet Corps Certificate Examination.

NCC Certificate

Before appearing in the examination, every student has to go through the eligibility criteria. I have discussed some of the requirements and the pattern of examination based on my knowledge.

Pattern and Eligibility For A Certificate

  • Attendance must be at least 75% during the NCC training syllabus period.
  • Cadets must attend an Annual Training Camp before the exam.

Pattern and Eligibility For B Certificate

  • There is a bonus point of 10 marks for the cadet who has an A certificate
  • Attendance must be at least 75% during the First and Second year of the Senior training period.
  • The cadet must attend an annual training camp / NIC / COC / RDC before the exam.

Pattern and Eligibility For C Certificate

  • Cadet is eligible for a C certificate only if they have clear the examination of B Certificate.
  • For the C Certificate exam, the cadet must be in the final year of the Senior Wing.
  • Attendance is the same as that of A & B certificate cadet and overall should be more than 75% (Combination of 1st, 2nd & 3rd year).
  • Annual Training Camp should be mandatory.

How To Join NCC Special Entry

NCC Special Entry

Ncc Special Entry in 2020 is a way cadets can get a chance to try their luck without giving the examination. There is around 43 particular entry scheme in India Army cells.

This cadet will invite through the application to all the unmarried/ married male and Unmarried females. Wards of Army personnel are also eligible for direct entry. Cadet joining through particular entry is eligible for Short service commission in the Indian Army.

  • Number of Vacancies:- Men-50, Women-04
  • Application Form Issue Date:- Jan /Feb & Jul/Aug
  • Age Limit- 19-25 years
  • Month for SSB Interview – May/June/July & Oct/Nov/Dec

An NCC C Certificate holder is also eligible for Special entry for the SSB. All the cadets of this category don’t require any Written Examination, and after the application review, shortlisted candidates are called for SSB interviews.

Full form of NCC and Other Known Terms

  • Ncc Full form – National Cadet Corps
  • ATC – Annual Training Camp
  • RDC – Republic Day Camp
  • NIC- National Integration Camp
  • PTC – Para Traning Camp
  • COC – Centrally Orangized Camp
  • AIME – All India Mountaineering Expedition
  • AITE – All India Trekking Expedition
  • MBC – Mountaineering Basic Course
  • MAC – Mountaineering Advance Course
  • WSC – Water Skiing Course
  • SKC – Snow Skiing Couse
  • SE – Sailing Expedition
  • SDC – Scuba Diving Course
  • YEP – Youth Exchange Program

If you have any queries and questions related to the national cadet corps, comment below, or you can also contact us.

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