How to make Self Defense Keychain Set 2024 – Complete DIY Process

Feeling scared while walking on street, nearby stores? Getting a uncomfortable vibes from people in subway? As per the survey, 1000 women reported some form or harassment, assaults in their life. We are the young generation where verbal harassment is most common, but more than 40 percent of women said they were harassed in an … Read more

Defence Gateway Mod Help desk – Resolve your Problem in 2 Minutes

Defence gateway is a private dedicated site, which can only be accessed by defence staff, military personnel only, irrespective of rank. The defence gateway is the most impressive and helpful smartphone launched for defence personnel. Anyone serving in a defence job could become a casualty at any time regardless of rank and services. The casualty … Read more

What is NCC | How to Join Ncc Special Entry in 2024

Ncc full form is (National cadet corps) is Known as Indian military cadet corps. The NCC logo & Uniform specifies the motto, i.e., Unity and Discipline. The meaning of Ncc in Hindi is (Ekta aur Anushasan). The National Cadet Corps is known as an integral part of the Indian Defence Forces. It allows all the … Read more