How to make Self Defense Keychain Set 2024 – Complete DIY Process

How to make self defense keychain set 2022

Feeling scared while walking on street, nearby stores? Getting a uncomfortable vibes from people in subway? As per the survey, 1000 women reported some form or harassment, assaults in their life.

We are the young generation where verbal harassment is most common, but more than 40 percent of women said they were harassed in an unwelcome way.

Even someone not in that situation feels unsafe. Only the people who survive harassment can never forget in their entire lifeline.

If you are looking for a self defense keychain set that is appropriate for you, your daughter, wife, sister and nearly anyone, consider making it.

As making a keychain by yourself gives an emotional memories to that person. Making keychain at home is inexpensive and easy DIY crafts for yourself with a proper assistance.

Here we have listed some of the ideas to get started with Self Defense Keychain Set in 2022.

First let us discuss what is self defense and why we need it?

What is self defense?

As name suggest self means yourself and defense means to protect yourself or to save yourself. Self defense means to prevent suffering force or violence through the use of a sufficient level of counteracting force or violence.

It has different meaning in different judicial law. It doesn’t means that if you able to handle the toughest workout in your gym, doesn’t means you know how to protect yourself.

It not only helps you to acquire knowledge to make you safer and increase your chance for surviving violence. It also helps you to gain confidence and increases personal power.

As per the study, women who knows about self defence can felt they:

  • have more confidence to tackle any problem.
  • Understand their body completely.
  • doesn’t require any equipment to protect themselves.
  • have better strength and strategies in place.

What is the need of self defense keychain?

Sometimes, self defense actually starts before you react to the worst case scenario. At that time our mind stops reacting and our body freeze to do any action. This mostly happen when you are alone and don’t have self defense keychain set with you.
I am not saying with the help of this keychain you will feel safe, but there will be a chance you will easily tackle any worst situation in no time.
According to the researcher, always pays attentions to your surroundings and be attentive. Prefer to choose the well-lit areas for morning-evening walks and for parking.
Always keep your keys handy and try to add whistle or spray with it.
This self defense keychain set have multiple accessories for a women. Starting from Security alarm to normal bottle opener. This keychain include:
  1. Security Alarm
  2. Wristband keychain
  3. Emergency whistle
  4. Pom Poms Keychains
  5. Chapstick Holder
  6. Hand Sanitizer Holder 30ml
  7. Bottle Opener

Security Alarm

Most of the time single ladies are easily victims. Alarm system work by sending out loud beep sound to the near by locations. Most of the alarm system have inbuilt sensors that can be hardwired into the system. 
They can automatically communicate with the monitoring stations and use wireless signals to send messages. When security alarm activates it sends alerts to the control room immediately. 

Wristband Keychain

Not all dresses for a women is made to keep self defense keychain set. That is why there is a wristband available in the accessories. This keychain is quite compact and wearing it as a wristband doesn’t make any difference.
Sometimes we have to look for our surrounding and act accordingly. This keychain is lightweight, even with all the accessories. Being lightweight ensure that you can easily manage it wherever you go.
This wristband looks classy with its black color and have some minimal stylish patterns. which never goes out of the trend. If you don’t like the pattern of this wristband you can easily remove or replace it with new one.
Checkout some of the most trending wristband keychain

Emergency whistle

When I was a kid, having a whistle is my favorite memories. Whistle are one of the best and easy to carry accessories in your worst or emergency situation. It produce a loud noise from a very little blowing efforts. 
The sound of the whistle can easy grasp the attention to your location. As the basic physic sounds travels with a speed of 343 m / s. 
Some of the Emergency whistle have balls in it, which produce a distinct trill sound. Even today you will easily get a whistle from your nearby store or you can check amazon store

Pom Poms Keychains

This type of keychain is mainly design for ladies. Pom Poms are eye catcher, you have seen multiple pom poms keychain around your surroundings. 
The pom pom keychain is made of ultra thin fabric that makes it easy to carry and remove from the keys. This accessories is only for the makeup, as I don’t see it as a self defence accessories.
Here we have a wide range of trending pom pom keychains for you.

Chapstick Holder

I think I don’t have to explain what is Chapstick holder? If you are above 14+ then you better know the importance of Chapstick holder in your life. 
Missing your Chapstick when you are at occasion is the worst. Don’t let this happen to you. The perfect solution for this is having a Chapstick in your keychain will make sure you always have your latest tube in it. 
Chapstick holder in self defense keychain is the perfect way to keep it handy to use whenever you need it.
It is made of premium quality of material and rated number one items in the market. The best thing about this Chapstick holder is hand made with a premium quality of material.
checkout more stylish Chapstick Holder for you.

Hand Sanitizer Holder 30ml

In 2020, we all know the importance of sanitizer in our life. Even before 2020, I don’t know what is sanitizer and how we use it?
But today Hand Sanitize Holder is the necessity. No matter what industry you are in, having a hand sanitizer should be always be a t the top of your list. 
When we travel from one place to next, we encounter with dangerous germs and bacteria. This germs are so tiny that you can’t see it with your naked eyes. 
For that we have to use Hand Sanitizer Holder which comes with self defense keychain set. It helps to keep your hand clean and avoid sick and spreading germs to others.
If you want to purchase Hand sanitizer holder separately, checkout our highly recommended list here.

Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is daily need accessories that helps you remove bottle caps from the glass bottle. This bottle opener is made of hard metal which is easy to remove hard bottle cork from a wine bottles.
You only have to made a efforts in hand pulling up, the bottle opener pivots on the middle section of the bottle cap and the corner part of the opener forces the lid off. 
This  steel bottle opener have a size of 4′ long and about 3/4′ wide, which is a common size for all bottle caps.
Checkout multifunctional bottle opener for all cork stopper and beer caps.

How to make self defense keychain Set

It is all up to you what accessories you wan to add in your keychain. If we talk about self defense keychain the necessary accessories are listed above. 
You can also customize according to your need but, having security alarm and whistle is must.

Gather a material

First thing to make a keychain is gather all the material. You will need to collect useful accessories like Security Alarm, Wristband keychain, Emergency whistle, Pom Poms Keychains, Chapstick Holder, Hand Sanitizer Holder 30ml, Bottle Opener, split ring or key chain assembly.

Arrange all the accessories 

Now you will need to arrange all the accessories you want in your keychain. Alternatively, you can use any different colors to create a unique design. 
You can also add name tag slip if you are making keychain for you. Additionally, you can write some sort of positive or motivational quotes. 
A Tough Plastic Key Tags with Split Ring Label Window in Assorted Colors will help you to create a multi color quotes. 
Having a quotes in your keychain keeps you positive and strong for your worst situation.

Attach all the accessories to slip ring.

The last part is attach all the accessories with your split ring or keychain assembly. Be gentle and put all the things one by one. Now you have great personalized self defense keychain set that is ready to use.

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Scypherx Scypherx
Keychains Kit for Girls
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Sabre Sabre
Pepper Spray & Stun Gun w/Flashlight
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Multifunction Wristlet Keychain for Women
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Guard Dog Guard Dog
Pepper Spray Stun Gun Combo Pack
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Portable Protection Key Chain Tools
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Anti-Wolf Defense Keychain
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