You will no longer be able to pay online through UPI, new orders coming!

UPI Update: In today’s modern era Online media It allows us to do almost everything at home like ordering food at home or online shopping etc. To facilitate all these things online UPI system What a great collaboration because UPI With its help we can pay anyone online in seconds.

Almost everyone in our country India UPI payment system We use it because it is very easy to use and with its help we can send ₹ 1 online or even ₹ 1 lakh if ​​we want. This is the most special thing about this UPI system, let us also tell you that today many other countries are also planning to adopt UPI developed by our country.

The UPI payment system was launched in the year 2016 under the guidance of RBI. By NPCI It was started to make online payments easier for people and similarly today online payments can be done easily through UPI. But only one for now UPI Update According to which you can no longer pay online through UPI. What is Puri? UPI Update Tell us.

upi updateupi update
UPI Update

Your UPI ID is about to be closed: UPI Update

As recently as 7 November NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) UPI has issued a new guideline regarding UPI, which is very important for all of you to know if you use UPI for online payments.

This new NPCI guideline is such that if any customer has made any payment through their third party UPI application like – Google Pay, Paytm, BHIM, Phone Pay etc. in the last 1 year. Financial or non-financial If the transaction is not done, theirs Turn off UPI ID. will be given. After which he will not be able to make any online payment through UPI.

The new guidelines will come into effect from that day.

This new guideline of NPCI 1 January 2024 This will be applicable to all companies like Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm etc. NPCI told everyone 31 December 2023 The time till this date is given that if UPI ID If there is no transaction in last one year then that ID will be closed.

So if you have not done any transaction with your UPI ID in last 1 year, then no. Non-financial or financial Make transactions so that your UPI ID is not blocked and you are eligible to make online UPI payments.

Incorrect transactions will be banned.

With the help of this new guideline of NPCI Fraudulent Transactions This will help in reducing UPI accounts and also help in identifying unused UPI accounts. Also those who change their number and Disable UPI. If they forget to do so, their UPI ID will be automatically locked over time so that no one can misuse their ID.

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