Xiaomi Car Launch Date In India- Xiaomi’s amazing car will be launched on this date

Xiaomi Car Launch Date in India: As you all know, till date you all were using Xiaomi company smartphones. But now you will drive an electric car manufactured by Xiaomi company. Very few Xiaomi users know it.

Xiaomi is about to launch its first electric car. It is being claimed that Xiaomi’s electric car will be launched in the market very soon. But no other information has been given about it, which is why Xiaomi users seem to be quite worried about this car from Xiaomi company.

Xiaomi Electric Car

This will be Xiaomi’s first car in the world. This car has never been designed to a high standard. This electric car from Xiaomi is quite similar to the cars of many other companies. It is not the only electric car in the world but it is the electric car of Xiaomi company.

Xiaomi Car Launch Date in India

It is popularly known as SU7, it is available in three variants, like Xiaomi phones Xiaomi pro, Xiaomi max launched in the market, similarly Xiaomi has given three variants of its electric cars, which Includes SU7, SU7 pro and SU7 Max.

According to the picture, it is speculated that this electric car can have 5 seats. So far, not much information has been given about Xiaomi’s electric tax, but some information has been given by Xiaomi on its official site.

Xiaomi car models SU7, SU7 Pro, and SU7 Max
Drive options Rear Wheel Drive (Single Motor), All Wheel Drive (Dual Motors)
Energy output 295 bhp, all-wheel drive: 663 bhp
The weight SU7: 1,980 kg, SU7 Max, : 2,205 kg
High speed 210 km/h, SU7 Max: 265 km/h
Launch Date in India No information available.
Price in India No information available.

Xiaomi Electric Car Battery Life and Mileage

According to some official websites, this electric car is likely to include a ternary (NMC) battery of 101 kWh, if we talk about the battery that is coming in Xiaomi electric car, once fully charged. After all, it can comfortably travel 497 miles on a single full charge.

Xiaomi Car Launch Date

The car weighs 1,980 kg, with the top-spec version expected to weigh 2,205 kg. Which is being described as a bit wild but correct for the vehicle.

Xiaomi Car Charger

If talked Xiaomi How many watt charger is provided in this electric car, so let us tell you that this car has usb type c and 67 watt fast charger, which will be considered enough to charge this car. And this car will charge very quickly.

Xiaomi Car Launch Date Price in India

Xiaomi The price of this electric car has not been revealed yet. About the price Xiaomi No other information is given on the official site either. If there is any update regarding its price, you will get the information through khabarfactory24.com.

Xiaomi Car Features and Specifications

It is believed to be Xiaomi’s first car with the new operating system on the SU7. Many other features are provided in this electric one of which is considered to be HyperOS. It uses HyperOS. This smartphone has become quite viral due to its Hyper OS feature or what is being said. As you know, Xiaomi is a branded company in the world of smartphones. So he is going to add several features to his electric car.

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