Top 5 Banana Producing Countries In The World

Jul 24, 2023, 03:08 PM IST

Top 5 Banana Producing Countries In The World

Abhinav Singh

1) India

According to the National Horticulture Board's estimates, India produced 32 million tonnes of bananas in 2021-22.

2) China

India's neighbour China occupied the second position by producing 11 million tonnes of bananas a year. 

3) Indonesia

The Southeast Asian nation manages to produce 7 million tonnes of bananas on average each year.

4) Brazil

According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the South American nation averages nearly 7 million tonnes of banana production.

5) Ecuador

Another South American country finds its mention in the list. Ecuador produces over 6 million tonnes of bananas each year.