Ruins Of Hampi: The Perfect Monsoon Getaway

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This historical destination is the epitome of beauty, set against a surreal landscape which takes on vibrant colours, especially during monsoon

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 Situated in the Vijaynagra district of Karnataka, Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, housing various monuments, temples and a monastery.

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 The Virupaksha Temple

The temple started as a small shrine and was later developed into a large complex under the Vijayanagar rule, built using mathematical concepts.

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 Vittala Temple

 This temple is known to be the grandest among all the temples in Hampi. The architecture of the temple depicts characteristics of South- Indian temples.

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 Hazar Rama Temple

 Dedicated to Lord Rama, this beautiful temple is an important shrine in Hampi where the walls of the temple have the whole story of Ramayana, carved out in the stones.

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 Sugriva’s Cave

Sugriva's cave has a number of carved footprints which are believed to have belonged to Lord Ram and Lakshman, making it a site of religious importance for Hindus.

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 Badavilinga Temple

 The shrine present in the temple is immersed in water and on observing, one can see three eyes on the shrine. The temple has no ceiling, allowing sunlight to pour onto the shivling.

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