[ad_1] Barbie & Oppenheimer Crossover Got Real In The AI World! See Images

Barbie & Oppenheimer Crossover Got Real In The AI World! See Images

By Kashish Rai2023-07-24T12:48:56+05:30english.jagran.com

Barbie X Oppenheimer Crossover

As the audiences are left divided over watching 'Barbie The Movie' and 'Oppenheimer', AI artist Gokul Pillai reimagines the crossover of both movies in the AI world! Continue to swipe to see the intriguing pictures that will make you contemplate the plot of this imaginative crossover!

Pink Rules Everywhere

This wonderful crossover would have undoubtedly given the Oppenheimer universe a 'pink' hue. The blush-coloured pantsuit caught your eye, right?

Barbie In Action!

Have you ever wondered whether your favourite, darling Barbie could step into action? It's only feasible if she enters the Oppenheimer World, though!

Pink Smoke, No Joke!

What if the theaters were to get a whiff of Pink smoke? So, it would seem like this!

Oppenheimer In A Pink Suit

Oppenheimer would have undoubtedly had a Barbie fever in this crossover, that much is clear. Just observe him lounging around in a Pink pantsuit while enjoying an ice cream.

Pink Blasts, Are You Serious?

Our favorite Barbie would have undoubtedly caused Pink explosions everywhere if she had been in action!

Paint everything pink, shall we?

The Pink fantasy realm in the Oppenheimer universe is a concept that we just adore, so this crossover surely seems intriguing!

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