9 Sources of Vitamin B-12 for Vegetarians

Jul 19, 2023, 06:09 PM IST

9 Sources of Vitamin B-12 for Vegetarians

Trisha Pathak


One cup of yoghurt has almost 28% of Vitamin B-12. Some studies suggest that the body can more easily absorb Vitamin B-12 from yoghurt than the Vitamin B-12 present in chicken.

Milk & Milk Products

Milk has Vitamin B-12, protein, calcium, and minerals. Cheese and paneer are also good sources of Vitamin B-12.

Fortified Cereals

The best source of Vitamin B-12 for vegans is fortified cereals like bran and whole wheat oats. They are high in Vitamin B-12, folate, iron and Vitamin A.

Fortified Non-Dairy Milk

Soy and almond milk are not natural sources of Vitamin B-12. However, fortified soy or almond milk can contain up to 2.1 mcg of Vitamin B-12.

Nutritional Yeast

One tablespoon of fully fortified yeast has 2.4 mcg of Vitamin B-12. A small amount of fortified nutritional yeast gives a nutty flavour to the food.


Nori, known as purple laver, is a dried edible seaweed commonly eaten in Asian countries like Japan. It has a good amount of Vitamin B-12.


Tempeh, a rich source of Vitamin B-12, is a fermented soybean cake eaten as a delicacy in Japan. One can consume tempeh in curries or soups.


Tofu, known as soy paneer or bean curd, is a rich source of Vitamin B-12 for vegans and vegetarians.


Some fruits like bananas, apples, and blueberries have small amounts of Vitamin B-12. However, eating fruits cannot meet the body's daily requirement of Vitamin B-12.