Village Boy Earns Rs 2.5 Lakhs Monthly From Mobile: Ashutosh Singh’s Success Story

Ashutosh Singh Success Story: Fatehpur, a small village in Uttar Pradesh, where dreams always seem far away and opportunities in life are scarce. This story of blogging success with courage and dedication from such a small village is certainly inspiring. And this is the story of Ashutosh Singh, a committed blogger. Ashutosh Singh has achieved this success by facing all obstacles. And has made blogging an attractive and well-paying career.

Ashutosh Singh started blogging from a mobile phone.

Ashutosh started blogging from phone. It starts with a YouTube video he saw while scrolling through YouTube. That was the video Satish’s Videos (who is also the founder of Taaza Time)’s video sparked a movement in Ashutosh Singh’s mind. Money was scarce but Ashutosh was fearless. Lacking money to get hosting on WordPress, he started his blogging journey on Blogger, Google’s free blogging platform.

How a village boy earns 2.5 lakh rupees per month from mobile.

Ashutosh Singh was rejected.

Ashutosh diligently started writing articles on his blog. Even after writing 20-25 good articles he repeatedly faced adsense approval problem. The limit was reached when I was not getting adsense even after applying 8 to 9 times. And this part made Ashutosh very disappointed and quit blogging for some time. But it is said that one who tries never loses. Something similar happened to Ashutoshji.

AdSense approval became a turning point in Ashutosh Singh’s life.

In November 2021, Ashutosh Singh decided to make another attempt. One day he woke up to find that he had received an email from Google that his AdSense approval on blog was found. And this became a great moment in Ashutoshji’s life that justified his decision to take up blogging.

Ashutosh Singh Success Story: Village Boy Earns Rs 2.5 Lakhs Every Month From MobileAshutosh Singh Success Story: Village Boy Earns Rs 2.5 Lakhs Every Month From Mobile
Adsense approval message

Ashutosh Singh earns zero to two and a half lakh rupees per month.

Ashutosh ji’s hard work and dedication paid off. And today he earns up to Rs 2.5 lakh per month as a free blogger. Ashutosh has earned Rs 26 lakh from blogging in the last two years.

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Ashutosh Singh’s Responsibilities, Obsessions and Learning Habits

Ashutosh believes in learning something new every day. After losing his father at the age of 10, life thrust upon him the responsibility of the family. Along with his blogging career, he is currently preparing for the government teacher exam. Teaching children is his passion.

Mobile blogging has now become Ashutosh Singh’s lifestyle.

Ashutoshji, one surprising fact in this amazing story is that even today he runs his blog from mobile. He uses mobile internet due to internet problem in the village. Their use of mobile phones is not just a habit but a conscious decision. Because of mobile, they can blog anywhere, anytime and if it is spoken in their language.

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Ashutosh Singh turned a problem into an opportunity.

Ashutosh ji, starting with mobile phone was a compulsion but now it has become his biggest habit or skill. He turned his problems into opportunities and, in the process, created a sustainable source of income. Ashutosh uses voice typing to create fast blog posts. He has used technology properly. (And this is a lesson for us all)

Ashutosh Singh’s blog continues to reach 2 million monthly traffic.

Ashutosh Singh currently has a successful blog. One of them is a blog that gets 2 million traffic a month. Despite the challenges, he alone writes 12-15 articles daily. And for this he brings all the material from magazines, newspapers and interviews of people related to his niche.

2 million blog traffic2 million blog traffic
2 million page views

Ashutosh Singh focuses on results rather than excuses.

This story of Ashutosh Singh shows a strong determination and strength. He didn’t let any excuse get the better of him. His journey is an inspiration to all of us who want to pursue a career in blogging or any other field. This story of his advises us to let go of excuses and move forward with unwavering passion.

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aspect Highlights
background From a small village in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh
Start blogging Started blogging using mobile phone.
encouragement Inspired by a YouTube video of Satish’s videos
Platform Started on Google’s Blogger due to financial constraints.
Rejection Despite writing 20-25 quality articles, faced multiple rejections for AdSense approval
The turning point AdSense finally got approved in November 2021.
Monthly Earnings Earn significant income up to ₹2.5 lakh through blogging
Total income Earned ₹26 lakh from blogging in last two years
Educational focus Blogging as well as preparation for government teacher exams
Mobile Blogging Overcoming internet challenges in the village, runs the blog entirely from a mobile phone.
Traffic A blog ( receives 2 million monthly traffic.
Content creation Writes 12-15 articles daily, sourced from interviews in magazines, newspapers, and niche
Work discipline Focuses on results and consistently produces content.
A philosophy of life Faces challenges head on, focuses on results, and turns problems into opportunities.

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