Vijay Varma’s Best Movies!

Vijay Varma’s Best Movies: Welcome to another great article from us. In today’s article we will talk about Vijay Varma’s best movies. (Best Vijay Varma Movies) going to talk about Vijay Verma He is a famous Bollywood actor. He acted in many best films in Bollywood. Along with films, Vijay Varma has also acted in several web series. Recently his movie Darlingas was very popular. Vijay Varma often Negative characters Interested in playing. He studied acting from the Film Television Institute of India.

After that he turned to cinema. In the initial phase, he worked in films like Monsoon Shootout. After that, he participated in films like Punk and Yaara. Vijay Varma’s film street boy Gave him a new position overnight. Vijayvarma never looked back after that. He signed films and web series one after the other. Vijay Verma An experience is a righteous actor. He believes in experimenting in his films. He prepares for his role with great enthusiasm. Over the past few years, he has acted in several Netflix web series. Nowadays people also call him the king of OTT.

5 Best Vijay Varma Movies

Movie Title Platform type
Pink Disney Hot Star Thriller/Crime
Monsoon Shootout MX Player Crime/Thriller
Gully Boy Prime Video Musical/Romance
Darlings Netflix Thriller/ Comedy
know (know) Netflix Bi-Thriller/Mystery
5 Best Vijay Varma Movies


Vijayvarma won the film of the year award. 2016 I was released. Many stars including Amitabh Bachchan are seen in this film. Although Vijay Varma appeared in a supporting role in this film, he played this small role so well that people still remember his acting.

Monsoon Shootout

The year of this film 2013 I was released. List of Vijay Varma Best Movies (Best Vijay Varma Movies) It is ranked second. Vijay Varma played the role of a police officer in this film. In Monsoon Shootout, we will see veteran Bollywood actors along with Vijay Varma. Nawazuddin Siddiqui Also seen. Vijay Varma left a distinct impression with his performance in this film.

Gully Boy

This movie year 2019 I came in. In the lead role Ranveer Singh And Alia Bhatt were seen. Vijay Varma is seen in a side role in this film. But he played even this small role in such an experimental way that he got a new identity overnight. Gully Boy is the film that made Vijay Varma’s fortune. In this film, Vijay Varma plays the role of Moin Naam, who lives in the streets of Mumbai. Vijay Varma played this role so well that everyone went crazy for him. Vijay Varma’s Best Movies It is ranked third in the list.


In the lead role in this film Alia Bhatt It is visible. Vijay Varma is playing the role of Alia Bhatt’s husband in this film. The film features Vijay Varma in a negative role. Vijay Varma also played this negative role well. You can watch this movie on Netflix. IMDB rated this movie. 6.6 Rating is given. Vijay Varma in this movie Hamza Sheikh played the role of Hamza Sheikh physically abuses his wife. Vijay Varma’s Best Movies It is ranked fourth in the list.

know (know)

This movie year 2023 has been released. In this film, we see veteran actors like Kareena Kapoor and Jaideep Ahlot alongside Vijay Varma. Vijay Varma has left a distinct impression with his acting in this film. You can also watch this movie via Netflix. imdb Made it 7 Rating is given. The best movies of Vijay Verma It is ranked fifth in the list.

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