Tushar Jain’s Success Story: From Selling Bags on the Street to Building a ₹250 Crore Bag Empire

Success Story of Tushar Jain: On the bustling streets of Mumbai where everyone’s dreams often collide with the harsh reality of life, businessman Tushar Jain built a large bag company, High Spirit, from a humble beginning after coming to Mumbai. In this blog post we are going to understand this inspiring journey of Tushar Jain. The story of the friends is quite interesting as he turned a street vending business into a ₹ 250 crore bag empire. And tell us how he did it.

A simple beginning on the streets of Mumbai

By Tushar Jain The beginning His life was full of financial struggles as his family faced adverse circumstances. To support his family, Tushar started selling bags along with his father on the streets of Mumbai. This proved to be a turning point in his life as he saw the shortcomings of the bag market as a business idea.

Tushar Jain Started a bag making business.

Tushar Jain, who used to sell bags on the streets of Mumbai, built a Rs 250 crore company with his hard work.

Undaunted by his living conditions, Tushar set up a bag manufacturing unit. And expanded the scope of his bag business. By 2007, the bag manufacturing unit was doing quite well and Tushar Jain recorded a profit of Rs 25 crore that year. Now Tushar did not have to be limited to an empty bag and from here he took a new turn in his business.

High Spirit Commercial Ventures was launched.

Bagging Growth with Bizongo

In 2012, Tushar Jain took a giant leap by formalizing High Spirit Commercial Ventures. His company High Spirit always focuses on quality. But along with the quality, their products don’t weigh heavily on people’s pockets, so they are kept affordable.

Expanding his company’s product portfolio, he focuses the hashtag brand on the new age crowd. and TraWorld, a premium travel luggage brand. Along with this, there is a brand called Priya that makes umbrellas. In this way, they have come up with new brands by understanding every need of the people.

Addressing and moving forward with market challenges

People in India are very price sensitive. They want the best product but it has to be cheap. Tushar Jain knew very well that everyone had become accustomed to concessions. Therefore, they made high quality products but kept their prices quite affordable.

The digital age and branding

Tushar Jain recognizes the importance of digital platforms in business growth. They leveraged the digital platform to market High Spirit and connect with the new age market. For the branding of his company he used a famous Bollywood actress. Sonam Kapoor Make him your brand ambassador.

Influence of Tushar Jain’s business

Tusharji has provided employment to more than 500 artisans. Apart from this, his company has 500 employees on the payroll. Tushar Jain promotes the country’s small entrepreneurs through the impact of his work. And these entrepreneurs later act as distributors for them. By doing this, his company’s products have reached the big cities and even small villages of India. Today, Tushar Jain’s company produces 30,000 to 35,000 bag units per day.

The year Milestone
1999 Started trading with 300 retailers in Surat.
2002 Moved to Mumbai for pan-Indian market.
2006 Launch of in-house brand ‘Preference’
2007 Established as a well established unit.
2012 Official launch of High Spirit Commercial Ventures
2014 The production capacity reached 10,000 to 20,000 bags per day.
2017 Launched Travelworld and Hashtag, Rs 250 crore revenue

1000 crore target

1000 crore target

Giving information about the future plans of High Spirits, Tushar Jain said that it is moving ahead with the target of touching the turnover figure of ₹ 1,000 crore in the next 5 years. For this they have recently built a huge 1.31 lakh square feet factory in Mumbai’s Biondi area which will be able to manufacture backpacks in large quantities. Also, Tushar Jain is going to build a large manufacturing facility in Patna, Bihar in the near future. With the help of which he set a target of making 25 lakh bags every year.

Tushar Jain’s journey from street vendor to owner of a ₹250 crore bag company is an example of perseverance and unwavering determination. High Spirits Commercial Ventures are not only a proof of business success but also a ray of hope for business enthusiasts. As Tushar takes his company to new heights, the story of High Spirits inspires us all to dream big and persevere against all odds.

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