Top 5 Most Watched Netflix Movies 2023

Top 5 Netflix Movies 2023: The year is coming to an end and Netflix has some of the most popular movies of the year. Here is the list of 5 most popular movies. Which is the most liked by the audience on Netflix. Some of these are old movies and some are brand new, including the upcoming 2019 movie The Irishman.

1. The Irishman (2019)

Irish | Official Trailer | Netflix

The first movie Arif Insan Hai Ya Movie was made in 2019 and it is a crime documentary, this movie has been watched 214.570 thousand hours. Which is a huge number and the number of years in it is 24,494. A story can be seen inside this movie. This movie is really amazing about a man who is a gangster and does many murders for his gang. That’s why many people have seen this movie in Hindi language. Netflix in.

Release date 1 November 2019 (USA)
Director Martin Scorsese.
Nominations Academy Award for Best Picture, more
Derived from I hear you paint houses.
shared by Netflix
The Irishman Box office $8 million

2. Unforgivable (2021)

Unforgivable Sandra Bullock | Official Trailer | Netflix

The name of this movie Unforgivable Yes, this movie came in 2021 and this movie is based on a full drama crime case. This movie has been watched 21.47 million hours so far. Netflix has a story within this movie. In which a girl near him had committed a crime. He had killed someone and because of that he goes to jail.

But even after coming out of jail, people were looking at him with the same eyes. Who has to find his sister who was separated from him 20 years ago. But there was no readiness to help, everyone looking at him as a criminal. So what happens next, you have to watch inside this movie, the movie is also available in Hindi language on NETFLIX.

Release date 25 November 2021 (Germany)
Director Nora Fingscheidt
Unforgivable Box office $13,062 USD
Producers Sandra Bullock, Graham King, Veronica Ferris
shared by Netflix

3. Purple Heart (2022)

Purple Heart | Official Trailer | Netflix

The name of this movie is Purple Heart or this movie is released in 2022, it is a romantic movie. This movie has been watched 22 crore 86 lakh 90000 hours so far and there is a story inside this movie. Due to some compulsion of the boy and the girl, these people get into fake marriage. To show the whole world but what changes in their life after that. You have to see inside this movie. Here this movie is available on NETFLIX in Hindi language.

Early release 29 July 2022
Director Elizabeth Ellen Rosenbaum
shared by Netflix
Based on purple heart; By Tess Wakefield
Budget $2.8 million

4. Extraction (2020)

take out Official Trailer | Screenplay by JOE RUSSO Directed by SAM HARGRAVE | Netflix

The name of this movie is The Extraction, this movie was released in 2020, it is an action movie, this movie has been watched 23 crore 1340000 hours. The story seen in the film is about a man who is tasked to go to Bangladesh and rescue Dot, the son of an Indian drug lord. Whether we can do this from within India is for you to see in this film. Its part 2 has also been released in June. This full movie is available on NETFLIX in Hindi language.

Director Sam Hargrave
The sequel Extraction 2
Budget 6.5 crore US dollars
Screenplay Joe Russo
shared by Netflix

5. The Adam Project (2022)

The Adam Project Official Trailer | Netflix

The name of this movie is The Adam Project, this movie was released in 2022 and it is being called as a very good action movie. So far it has been watched 23 crore 31 lakh 60 thousand hours. The story can be found on Netflix and within this film.

The hero of the film wants to move from the present to the past. But by mistake it comes to 2022, and there he meets his young child, and how together they save the world. You have to watch it on net, you can also watch this movie in hindi language, it is available on NETFLIX.

Dthe director Sean Levy
shared by Netflix
Budget $116 million
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