This person made a multi-million company by selling Vada Pao!

Goli Vida Pav Success Story: Today in our country India One of the startups A different wave is going on, most people today have their own. Start want to start and that is the reason why today our country’s economy is developing very fast.

You have learned many things from the startup world. Success Stories You must have read how some startup founders have built multi-crore companies today thanks to their hard work and faith. That’s why today we have brought you one such solution. Success Stories have brought, in which a startup founder has built a multi-crore company with the help of Vada Pav.

Here we are talking Venkatesh Iyer Who started his vada pav business in the name of Golli Vada pav and today his vada pav business is worth crores. In today’s article we The success story of Goli Vada Pao Read on and know how Venkatesh Iyer earned crores of rupees from Vada Pao.

The success story of Goli Vada PaoThe success story of Goli Vada Pao
The success story of Goli Vada Pao

This is how the success story of Goli Vida Pao began.

Venkatesh Iyer was born in India. Tamil Brahmin It happened in the family home. His childhood was nothing special, as he was more interested in studies. For this reason, his entire family always told him that if Study the writing If you don’t, no one will hire you.

During Venkatesh’s childhood, everyone thought that Venkatesh wouldn’t be able to do anything when he grew up. But when Venkatesh grew up and settled in Mumbai. Went to work So while looking at the McDonald’s restaurant, he thought that if this Foreign Burgers Became very popular in India.

So why can’t our desi vada pav be popular? Thinking that I made up my mind to start a Vida Pav business and in the year 2004 Goli Vada Pav Started his own Vida Pav business. This is where Venkatesh Iyer’s entrepreneurial journey began.

Many difficulties were faced in the beginning

When Venkatesh Iyer in 2004 Goli Vada Pav When he started the business, he faced many difficulties. But he never gave up, and continued to work on his business, which is why it is today Goli Vada Pav The company has become a multi-crore company.

Also let us tell you that Venkatesh Iyer is an Indian businessman. Much more than Narayan Murthy He is motivated, and that’s why he always goes out of his way to help people in need.

Today more than 300 outlets have opened.

Venkatesh Iyer started Goli Vida Pav company in 2004 and today it has spread almost all over the country. More than 300 Outlets are open. Due to which today this company almost every year More than 50 crores Doing business of Rs.

Goli Vida Pao Success Story Overview

aspect Details
Founder Venkatesh Iyer
Year of Establishment 2003
imagining Corporatizing Mumbai’s street food, particularly the vadapav (Indian street snack)
Initial investment One crore rupees
Business expansion 300+ stores across 100 cities and 20 states in India
Production approaches Vida made in a centralized factory using the latest technology like McDonald’s
Brand identity Named ‘Goli’, it reflects the essence of Mumbai’s culture, idiom and street food.
Menu presentation Vada Pao, Vada Rolls, Curry Pao with region specific flavors and affordable prices
Entrepreneurship focus Encouraging small business owners through franchise opportunities
Business model nominal investment for small traders; Emphasis on consistent customer experience
Training initiative A digital academy app for franchisees that focuses on customer service and brand identity.
Success Mantra ‘Plan, Do and Check’; Emphasizes continuous improvement and business growth.
recognition Case studies and awards from prominent businesses including the Golden Spoon Award
Notable achievements The title of the book is ‘My Journey with Vadapav’; Part of the curriculum in business schools
Speaking engagements Interacting with various organizations and sharing the story of Goli Vadapao

Goli Vida Pao Success Story Interview

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