This man bought several luxury cars just by making videos on YouTube!

Paras Thakral Car Collection: YouTubers are the talk of every city and village today, how a person has made a living by making videos on YouTube and Instagram, because in today’s age, YouTube and Instagram are the platforms that Anyone can do anything through .

Today we bring you information about Paras Thakral Car Collection from the world of YouTube. If you are active on YouTube then you must have seen Paras Thakral’s vlogs or prank videos.

Paras Thakral is very famous on YouTube for his Vlogs and Prank videos, so there are many people who want to know about Paras Thakral car collection. So, in today’s article we will give you information about Paras Thakral Car Collection and what cars Paras has.

Paras Thakral Car CollectionParas Thakral Car CollectionParas Thakral Car Collection

Who is Paras Thakral?

Paras Thakral is a popular YouTuber and influencer from India, mostly known for his Vlogs and Prank videos. He was born on 23 June 1994 in Haryana, India. Paras started his YouTube career in the year 2018, initially he started uploading fitness videos on YouTube.

But as his fitness videos didn’t get much response, he started uploading prank videos on his YouTube channel “Paras Thakral”. People started liking Paras’s prank videos, which led to millions and millions of views on each of his videos.

Later in the year 2020, Paras started his vlog channel Paras Thakral Vlogs, where he started posting videos of his daily life. People loved his Vlog channel and today he has more than 3 million subscribers on Paras Thakral’s Vlogs channel, while Paras Thakral’s other channel has more than 1 million subscribers.

Paras Thakral Car Collection

Paras Thakral earns crores of rupees with the help of YouTube and this is the reason why he has also bought many luxury cars for himself with the help of YouTube.

We tell you that Pars currently has Mahindra Thar, Tata Safari, Hyundai Creta, Audi TT and Mini Cooper in its car collection.

Mahindra Thar

YouTube videoYouTube video

Mahindra car manufacturer Thar is loved by almost everyone in India, even many people dream of buying this car in India. Paras Thakral also has a Mahindra Thar in his car collection, Paras has appeared with the Thar car in many of his blogs.

If we talk about the price of Mahindra Thar, the price of Mahindra Thar car in India is around 11 lakh to 18 lakh rupees. Paras Thakral has the top model of Mahindra Thar.

Tata Safari

YouTube videoYouTube video

People like almost all vehicles of Tata Motors, so Tata vehicles of Tata Motors are quite popular among people. Last year in 2023, Paras bought a Tata Safari car for himself.

If we talk about the price of Tata Safari, the price of Tata Safari in India is around Rs 20 Lakh to Rs 30 Lakh. Paras is mostly seen in his blogs in a Tata Safari car.

Audi TT

YouTube videoYouTube video

Paras Thakral’s car collection also includes the luxury car Audi TT. The Audi TT is a 4-seater coupe luxury car, which many people in India are crazy about. This vehicle has an advanced level of technology and has many new features.

Audi TT car price in India is around Rs 65 Lakh to Rs 70 Lakh. Also let us tell you that this car falls in the sports car segment, Paras has a white colored Audi TT.

Mini Coopers

YouTube videoYouTube video

Mini Cooper is very popular car in India too and many people like this car. This car comes under the list of luxury cars and this car is also included in Paras Thakral Car Collection.

If we talk about the price of Mini Cooper, the price of this car in India is around 41 lakh to 43 lakh rupees.

Car model price range in India (approx) Mahindra Thar ₹11 lakh to ₹18 lakh, Tata Safari ₹20 lakh to ₹30 lakh, Audi TT ₹65 lakh to ₹70 lakh, Mini Cooper ₹41 lakh to ₹43 lakh Lakh Hyundai Creta ₹11 Lakh to ₹20 Lakh Thakral Car Collection

Interview with Paras Thakral

YouTube videoYouTube video

We hope this article has given you information about Paras Thakral Car Collection, also share it with your friends so that they can also get information about Paras Thakral Car Collection.

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