This is how to create AI news videos for free!

How AI News Videos Are Made: Nowadays, with the help of AI i.e. artificial intelligence, many people are uploading news videos on YouTube and Instagram which are getting millions and crores of views as people listen to the news told by AI. Watching videos. I like it very much.

There are many people who want to know how AI news videos are made, but they don’t have any information about it. So in today’s post we will give you information on how to make AI news videos with the help of which you can also upload AI news videos on your YouTube and Instagram.

How to Create AI News VideosHow to Create AI News VideosHow to Create AI News Videos

How to Create AI News Videos?

To create news videos with AI you will first need a character, who will tell the news to all the people in the video. After you have created the character for the video, you will need to write the news into a script, after which you will need to convert the script into voice using an AI tool.

After doing this you have to give news voice to your character with the help of AI tool, thus you can make AI news videos very easily. We have explained all these steps below.

1. Create a character for a news video

The most important thing in any news video is who is presenting the news, so to create AI News videos you first need to create a character, for which you can use the tool.

Leonardo. AILeonardo. AILeonardo. AI

With the help of Leonardo AI, you can easily create amazing AI news anchors that will act as video characters for you. The best thing about this tool is that Leonardo AI is a free AI tool that lets you create amazing characters.

2. Prepare a news script.

When the character for your AI video is ready, you have to prepare the script for your news or in other words, you have to prepare the news that you want to tell through the AI. To get news ideas, you can also follow major news portals like TaazaTime, AajTak, ABPNews.

3. Create an AI voice now

Now that you have both the characters and the news script for your AI news video, all you need to do is turn the script you created into voice using the AI tools.

Elevenlabs is an AI tool that can easily voice many different types of people in any script for just a few hundred bucks. In this AI tool you will get the facility of both boy and girl voices.

4. Produce AI news videos.

After the AI ​​character and AI voice are created, you need to use the HeyGen Ai tool, with the help of which you can easily call any character by voice. After visiting HeyGen, the first thing you need to do is register yourself there.

HeyGen AI toolHeyGen AI toolHeyGen AI tool

After that you will find an option to create video there, after clicking on it the video creation mode will open on your screen. Where you have to upload your created character and created voice. After that when you click submit, this tool will easily create AI News video for you.

So this way you can easily make AI News videos, if you have any query related to this you can ask in comments below.

We hope this article has given you complete information on how to make AI news videos and you have also learned how to make AI news videos, share it with your friends so that they can also a Learn how iNews videos are made. Get information about

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