This girl earns crores of rupees by making videos on social media!

Manisha Rani Net Worth: Today many people have become millionaires and millionaires with the help of social media and internet because today internet gives opportunity to everyone to earn money. This The world of social media There are many girls who have used it. Millions of crores of rupees Earned.

Today we are going to tell you about a girl who earned crores of rupees by using social media properly and became an inspiration to all. Here we are talking Manisha Rani Kay is a social media influencer, and recently appeared on a reality show Bigg Boss OTT 2 was also a part of

Today almost everyone knows Manisha Rani because of social media, there are many people who are social media stars. Manish Rani Net Worth want to know about That is why in today’s article we will tell you. Manisha Rani Net Worth We are going to tell you about Manisha Rani, along with many other things about Manisha Rani.

Wealth of Manisha RaniWealth of Manisha Rani
Manisha Rani Net Worth

Who is Manish Rani? , Manisha Rani Net Worth

Manisha Rani is popular in India. Social media influencer, dancer And Model He was born on September 5, 1997 in the Indian state of Bihar. Monger District i happened Manisha Rani belongs to a middle class family but almost everyone in India knows Manisha today because of her hard work on social media.

Manisha Rani in Bihari style on social media Funny videos He is popular because of his making, people love his funny videos. Apart from comedy videos, Manisha shares her daily posts on social media. Videos and photos Also share.

Recently, Manisha Rani appeared in a popular Indian comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show I also went on a reality show. Bigg Boss OTT 2 Manisha also left. So Manisha’s dream was to become an actress but today due to social media she has not got less fame than any actress because many people follow her on social media.

Milestone Details
Name Manisha Rani
Education Completed his primary education in hometown Monger, Bihar.
Graduation Opted for commerce at graduation level.
Career moves. Moved to Kolkata for acting.
Dance India Dance Participated in Dance India dance show in 2015, but was not selected for the TV audition.
TikTok Started uploading videos on TikTok in 2018.
TV role A year later got a role in the TV serial ‘Gariya’
Youtube Switched to making short videos on YouTube.
Instagram Gained popularity on Instagram, 4.8 million followers and growing.
Recent appearance Appeared in Bigg Boss OTT season 2, which is known for its comedies like Archana Gautam and Shahnaz Gul.
Remarkable attribute Known for humorous content that delights audiences on social media.

Manisha Rani Instagram Earnings

Manisha Rani Instagram
Manisha Rani Instagram

Manish Rani is a social media influencer, that’s why Manisha is quite active on Instagram. Manisha Rani is currently on Instagram. Over 10 million followers That means more than 10 million people like her on Instagram alone. Here is Manisha’s daily life on Instagram. Photos and videos Shares with people.

Now if Manisha Rani Instagram Earnings Speaking of which, Manisha charges around Rs 3 to 4 lakh for just one paid post on Instagram. With the help of which every month Manisha only Around Rs.8 to 9 Lakhs She earns.

Manisha Rani YouTube Earnings

Manisha Rani is quite active on YouTube and she also earns a lot from YouTube. Manisha with her daily videos on YouTube Upload funny videos. Which people love to see. This is why Manisha Rani is on YouTube today. 3.35 million from Have more subscribers.

Now if Manisha Rani YouTube Earnings Speaking of which, Manisha Rani charges around Rs 5 to 6 Lakhs for doing any one brand deal on YouTube, making her a monthly income from YouTube Brand Deals alone. 8 to 9 lakh rupees Earned. Besides that YouTube Google Adsense To Manisha Rani 1 to 2 lakh rupees per month Earned.

Manisha Rani Net Worth

Manisha Rani earns most of her income through social media, which… Instagram, YouTube And others Social media platform Included. Also Manisha Rani Modeling too From where they earn and recently Bigg Boss OTT 2 If she was a part of the company, she got income from there too.

So now if Manisha Rani Net Worth If we talk, his wealth is approx. 2 to 3 crore rupees are

Name Manisha Rani
Total worth ₹2 to ₹3 crore

Interview with Manisha Rani

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