This Bihari created a multi-million company!

Sutuz Success Story: Today in our country India Startups and starting your own business There is a wave to do, most people want to start their own business. One of the reasons for this is that the new today Startups Of Success Stories are coming out, due to which other people are also getting motivated to start their own business.

So today we have an amazing news for you from the startup world. Success Stories have brought The founder of this startup is from the state of Bihar and is famous in Bihar. Satu’s help Today we have built a multi-crore company.

Here we are talking about the people of Bihar. Sachin Kumar WHO Named Sattuz He started the company and has made it a multi-crore company today. In today’s article you Satuz’s success story We will read how Sachin is earning crores of rupees from this business today.

sattuz-Success storysattuz-Success story

This is how Satuz’s success story began.

Residents of Bihar to Satuz Co Sachin Kumar Sachin is involved in this business starting in the year 2018. Satuz Company They make healthy drinks from sattu and sell them to people.

Before that, Sachin Jobs in Mumbai used to do, where they were paid handsomely because of Sachin. MBA education So he got a great package there. But they had long ago done a lot of research on Satu and Sachin himself. Start a business. wanted to do

That’s why Sachin In 2018 Leaving high package jobs Satuz Company set on. Initially, Sachin started his Sattuz stall on the street, where he started serving healthy drinks made from satt to the people. Initially, to grow the business, he started selling several varieties of Sattu. Taste too They started giving.

Also got a chance to go on Shark Tank India

In the year 2021 Satuz Company Founder Sachin got the popular startup show in India Shark Tank India I also had the opportunity to visit India, where he Shark Tank Investor He also sought funding from the Government of India but did not get funding there at that time. But from here he started making many new strategies to grow his business.

Earlier in the year 2019 Satuz Co Indian Angel Network And had also secured some funding from many other startup investors to take the business forward.

Satuz today gives many kinds of things.

After going to Shark Tank India Satuz Company It plans to add more items to its menu, including dishes made with satwa. The parathas, Lying Other things were involved. After this project, Satuz will make its debut. Satuz Cafe set on.

Satuz has become a multi-million company today.

Satuz Company which started in the year 2018 has become a multi-crore company today. 30 stades According to the report, the equipment in FY23 1.2 Crore Rs 100 crore in revenue and their target in FY24 2 crores To generate more revenue than

Satuz Company is successful today because its founder Sachin Kumar Believed in himself and his business idea. Apart from this, he has also worked very hard on his business which is what it is today. Satuz It has become a multi-million company.

An overview of Satuz’s success story

aspect Details
Company Name Satuz
established 2018
Founder Sachin Kumar
background MBA in Sales and Marketing; Earlier, he was the Business Development Manager in Mumbai.
location Madhubani, Bihar
Product focus Hygienic consumables using satu
Products Ready-to-mix drinks and stuffing mixtures
Remarkable products Ready-to-mix drinks in flavors like sweet, cumin, and chocolate
Attributes of Sattu high protein, fiber, and iron content; vegan friendly; Supports digestive health.
Funding Secured funding from Indian Angel Network and other investors in October 2019
Extension introduced shakers for on-the-go preparation; Wide offering to include sattu based dishes
Achievements Appeared on Shark Tank India in December 2021. Started Sattuz Café in 2022.
Sales channels Available both offline and online (Amazon, Flipkart); Your website –
Finance 1.2 crore revenue in FY23; 2 crore target by the end of FY24.
Future plans Setting up a 5000 sq. ft. factory in Fateha Town, Patna

Satuz Success Story Interview

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