This Bihari boy built a Rs 2000 crore company

JAR’S SUCCESS STORY: You have met many people in the business and startup world. Startups You must have heard the story of but today we have brought you a similar story. Success Stories In today’s age, despite failing many times in life, we have brought. 2000 crores of Rs The company is created.

We are talking about the people of Bihar. Misbah Ashraf WHO ‘jar’ By a name Fintech startup What started and today is theirs ‘jar’ The company is famous all over India as well as all over the world. Let us also tell you that with the help of this startup, today everyone… Misbah Ashraf are able to know the name of

In today’s article we JAR’S SUCCESS STORY Let’s know how Misbah started Jar and how he has achieved success today.

Misbah AshrafMisbah Ashraf

Who is Misbah Ashraf?: Jar’s Success Story

Misbah Ashraf of India Nalanda district in the state of Bihar The residents belong to a middle class family. His father is in a school. General teacher Were, or mother? house wife was Misbah Ashraf belongs to a middle class family. At a young age Just started working to earn money.

But Misbah knew from an early age that he would find success only through business. Later, Misbah also joined the college, but due to lack of interest there, he Dropped out of college. And yours IIT Delhi Plan social payments with a friend Cibola Started business under the name of

Title of the article JAR’S SUCCESS STORY
Name of the startup jar
Founder Misbah Ashraf
Home space Nalanda, Bihar, India
Total worth 165 crores
Official website
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Failed at the start: Jar’s success story

Misbah This payments business did not do very well, due to which he decided to close the business. after this Misbah in the year 2017 I started my second business which was a beauty and fashion platform, he named this startup. ‘Mars Play’ was placed.

Mars Play Starting with investors Funding in two rounds was also found and his business was running quite well, but during the Corona epidemic, Misbah had to suffer a lot of loss in this business. Because of which they named it the ‘Mars Play’ startup. Foxy The company had to be sold.

Jar made him a hero.

Even after not getting success in first two startups in life Misbah Never give up and keep going. After which the year In 2021, he launched a startup called ‘Jar’. Started in Bengaluru. A kind of vessel Fintech startup Which provides financial facilities to the public and this jar has made Misbah a hero today.

Let us also tell you that in 2023 “Forbes 30 Under 30” Misbah’s name is also included in this list and he is the only person from the state of Bihar to be included in this Forbes list.

2000 crores company was built in just 12 months.

Within 12 months of launching the jar in the year 2021, Misbah 2000 crores for startups Had built a startup with a valuation of over Rs. ‘jar’ Know the name of

Jar Bangalore Office

this time ‘jar’ On request 11 million More than 100,000 people have registered themselves, and the ‘jar’ has received approval from foreign investors in its first year of business. 226 million dollars 1000 received an investment of Rs.1000 and so far this company 58 million dollar investment, received by investors.

Due to which Misbah’s ‘Jar’ startup today 2000 crore worth Rs It’s over. Today, Misbah has achieved success because he did not give up after failure and stuck to his goal of doing business.

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FAQ: JAR’s success story

How much is Misbah Ashraf’s wealth?

According to reports, Misbah Ashraf’s assets are around Rs 165 crore.

What is Jar Company’s revenue this year?

In the year 2023, Jar Company’s revenue will exceed $5.7 million.

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