These states will have a holiday on the day of Ram Mandir Puran Pratistha!

Ayodhya Ram Temple Holiday: 22nd January is a very important date in our country India as the historic Ram Temple in Ayodhya is going to be inaugurated on this day, for which the people of India have been waiting for 500 years. That is why people all over India are very excited about 22nd January.

Even the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has declared January 22 as the second Diwali of the year and has asked everyone to light lamps in their homes on this day, just like Diwali. Due to which everyone has made preparations to celebrate the second Diwali of the year.

In such a situation, the central government has given a half holiday to all government offices on January 22, due to which all government offices will work only for half a day on that day. Apart from the central government, many state governments of India have also declared a holiday on 22nd January, so in this post we will give you information about the Ayodhya Ram temple holiday so that you know which states celebrate 22nd January. A holiday has been announced. are.

Ayodhya Rama Temple HolidayAyodhya Rama Temple HolidayAyodhya Rama Temple Holiday

These states will have a holiday: Ayodhya Ram Temple Holiday

Below we have written about all the states which have given holiday instructions on 22nd January in their state.

Madhya Pradesh

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CM Mohan Yadav declared school holiday on January 22 and encouraged people to celebrate the day like a festival.

In the spirit of celebration, liquor and meat shops in the state will join the shutdown as directed by the Chief Minister.

— Madhya Pradesh Index (@mp_index) January 17, 2024

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Dr Mohan Yadav has ordered a full-day holiday in all government offices, colleges and schools in the state on January 22. Apart from this, there will be a dry day in Madhya Pradesh on this day, due to which all kinds of medicine shops will be closed in the state on this day.

Uttar Pradesh

In Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, Ramlala is to be installed on January 22, so Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath first issued holiday instructions to all schools, colleges and government institutions in the state. Along with this, there will also be a dry day in the whole of Uttar Pradesh due to which all types of meat shops, contracts etc. will remain closed in the state.


Haryana Chief Minister Khattarji has also issued instructions for a holiday in the entire state on this day, along with banning the consumption of alcohol in the state.


The Rajasthan government has ordered a half-day holiday in all government offices in the state due to which government offices in Rajasthan will open only after 2:30 pm.


Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami has also ordered a half-day holiday in government offices in his state and apart from this, all schools and colleges in the state will remain closed for the entire day.


In the state of Gujarat, all government offices will be closed for half a day on January 22, Ramla’s death anniversary, and schools/colleges have also been given a holiday on that day.

Also, we have mentioned in the table below all the states that have issued a holiday on January 22 in their state.

State Holiday Information Delhi Government Offices Closed till 2:30 PM on 22nd January Uttar Pradesh Educational Institutions and Liquor Shops on 22nd January Maharashtra Public Holiday on 22nd January Assam Closed for Half Day on 22nd January Educational institutions and government offices closed till 2:30 pm Schools in Haryana closed on January 22; 22nd January Chandigarh holiday for all offices Alcohol will not be consumed on 22nd January as a holiday for schools and Govt. Employees in Madhya Pradesh schools holiday on 22nd January and Dry Day on 22nd January; Govt offices closed till 2:30 pm Gujarat Govt Jan 22 Chhattisgarh Government offices will remain closed till 2:30 pm. Offices closed till 2:30 pm on 22nd January Puducherry, Public holiday on 22nd Rajasthan, Half day holiday to Odisha Govt on 22nd January. Offices Closed on January 22 till 2:30 pm Uttarakhand Educational Institutions Closed on January 22; Govt Tripura Govt Offices Closed till 2:30 PM 22 January Ayodhya Ram Temple Holiday Offices Closed till 2:30 PM

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