The laborer’s daughter scored 600 out of 600 in the exam!

Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam Topper: In the education department, you must have heard the stories of many children who have scored first marks in the examination. But it happened this year Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam The results have surprised everyone.

When the Tamil Nadu government released the results of the board exams held this year, everyone was shocked to see the results. 12th Board Exam in Tamil Nadu this year S. Nandhini At the top belongs to Tamil Nadu. Dindigul District live in.

S. Nandhini this year Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam Topper Her results have surprised everyone as she has secured the highest marks in her exam. Also, their story will inspire you a lot, so let’s share it with you in today’s article. Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam Topper to know about.

Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam TopperTamil Nadu 12th Board Exam Topper
S. Nandhini

Result 600 out of 600: Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam Topper

It happened this year Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam S. Nandhini in all his articles Full numbers have received S Nandhini took Tamil, English, Economics, Commerce, Accountancy and Computer Application subjects in Class 12.

Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam TopperTamil Nadu 12th Board Exam Topper
Conclusion of S. Nandhini

Everyone was shocked after the results came out because they 100 out of 100 marks in subjects have received Due to which he completed 12th standard. 100% no have passed together.

The father works.

For your information, we tell you. S. Nandhini Which at that time Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam Topper are. His father Labor work They do this and their home conditions are not very good either. But despite these things, Nandhini rose to the top in the whole of Tamil Nadu and made her family famous.

Nandhini’s father was very happy after the result and he was feeling proud of his daughter that she has passed the entire state with 100% marks. Top Rank in Tamil Nadu Got it.

Want to become an auditor.

After becoming the topper in Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam, many Tamil News TV Channel While giving her interview, Nandhini said that she wants to do a government job in the near future. As an auditor But want to work.

Also let us tell you that this year… Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam As a result, about 96% of girls have passed the exam and about 91% of boys have secured passing marks in the exam.

This is the reason why S Nandhini got 100% marks

Giving an interview to a news channel. Nandhani said That he had studied daily and also solved many previous year questions. Also he did well in all the tests of his class and that is why he passed the exam. Got 100% marks could do

Also he said that every student should work hard and anyone can get good marks with hard work.

Tamil Nadu 12th Board Exam Topper Review

aspect Details
Name S. Nandhini
Examination 12th Class Exams
School Anamalyar Mills Girls Higher Secondary School, Dindigul
Score 600/600
Subjects with centum score Economics, Tamil, English, Accountancy, Commerce, Computer Application, Tamil
Field of study Commerce
Desire Pursue Chartered Accountancy; Consider civil services exam in future.
Support system supportive family; No pressure from parents or teachers.
A parent’s perspective Saravana Kumar, father: proud of his academic achievements; Hope for his success in future.
School scene Headmistress Aqeela A: Expecting Nandhini to perform brilliantly. Appreciates his academic and extracurricular involvement.

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