The IPO of these companies is coming, see the list!

Upcoming IPO: Most people who invest in the stock market are looking for up-and-coming companies. IPO Stay tuned, because IPO of new companies Investors are often given very good returns. Current fiscal year FY 24 The first half of 2018 has seen a flurry of IPOs in the Indian stock market as many companies have hit the market so far.

Total till date as per Indian stock market report 31 companies brought their IPOs to the market And also collected money from primary market. In such a situation if you IPOs of 31 companies If you stopped investing, there is no need to despair because right now in the next one 6 months IPOs of many companies are coming up in the stock market.

This means that now there are many more opportunities for stock market investors to invest in companies. IPOs You can invest your money in it. Tell us which companies have IPOs. (Upcoming IPO) What will be the objective of the companies which are going to bring IPO in the market?

IPOs of 31 companies have come in the first half.

of this year FY 24 In the first half so far IPOs of 31 companies These 31 companies have listed their names in the stock market, these 31 companies have raised total funds from their IPOs. 26,300 crores Collected from the market. If we compare it with last financial year, in the first half of this financial year 26 percent A reduction can be seen.

This is because in the past Financial Year (FY23) In the first half of only Only 14 companies IPO had come to the market but at the same time 35,456 crores were collected from the market.

The upcoming IPOThe upcoming IPO

These companies have upcoming IPOs (Upcoming IPOs).

According to the stock market report, the next… 6 months Almost yesterday 28 companies are bringing their IPO, In which you can get an investment opportunity. Companies that may have IPOs in the next 6 months include Tata Technologies, India Shelter Finance Corporation, Apijay Surindra Park Hotel, Cello World etc.

Below we have listed the companies in the coming 6 months. IPOs Come on, they’ve all been written about.

Upcoming IPO (Company Name) industry
Tata Technologies Engineering and Technology
INDIGEN LIMITED Healthcare and Life Sciences
Mama Earth Consumer goods
Tata Play Telecommunications
Go Digit General Insurance Insurance
Prank Builders of real estate
Fab India Retail
TVS Supply Chain Solutions Logistics and supply chain
Hexagon Nutrition Health care and nutrition
Sahajanand Medical Technologies Healthcare and medical devices
Inspira Enterprise India IT Services
ESAF Small Finance Bank Banking and Finance
Infinian Biopharma Pharmaceuticals
Mecca Proteins Limited Food and Drink
Protean eGov Technologies IT Services
TBO Tech Technology and Software
Plaza Wires Manufacturing
Balaji Specialty Chemicals Chemicals
Abacus Cash Financial services
Signature Global India of real estate
ESDS software IT Services
CMR Market research
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Banking and Finance

How to invest in IPO?

Come onWant to invest in IPO. So first you have to get complete information about IPO, after that you will find a way to invest in them. Demat account It must be. without Demat account You cannot make any action in the stock market.

If you do not have a demat account, you Zerodha, Upstokes, grow up etc easily through application Demat Account Online Can open it. After getting a demat account, you can easily invest your money in IPOs by following the procedure of investing in them.

We hope that with the help of this article you The upcoming IPO You must have got information about IPOs, share this article with your friends so that they too don’t miss the opportunity to invest in these IPOs.

DISCLAIMER: Before investing in stock market, please consult an advisor and invest your money at your own risk, here you are given information related to stock market for reading only.

Frequently Asked Questions: Upcoming IPO

What is the full format of an IPO?

The full form of IPO is – Initial Public Offering.

When will OYO’s IPO come?

According to stock market reports, OYO’s IPO is likely to come in the year 2023.

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