The boy selling Gol Gappa bought the thar!

BTech Panipuri Girl’s New Car: Today in our country India people of every class be it boys or girls want to start their own business. In such a situation, many people have started their own business and achieved heights in their business.

In the world of business and social media these days B Tech Panipuri girl She is in the news a lot because she started her business with only pani puri and today she has become an inspiration for many people.

More recently B Tech Panipuri Girl’s New Car It was going viral on social media as he bought himself a new car with the help of his panipuri business. Through today’s article we B Tech Panipuri Girl’s New Car going to learn about

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Who is BTech Panipuri Girl?: BTech Panipuri Girl New Car

Real name of BTech Panipuri girl Tapsee Upadhyay She is a resident of Delhi. He started his pani puri business at a very young age due to which he is present in churches today.

Taapsee Upadhyay started her pani puri business. After completion of B.Tech graduation Later because she wanted to start her own business since childhood. Taapsee first trended on social media when an Instagram handle shared a video of her entire journey on her reels.

Let us also tell you that Tapsee has started this business. B Tech Panipuri And these are the reasons for today. Taapsee B Tech Pani Puri girl Being known as

Own bought new Mahindra Thar: BTech Panipuri Grill New Car

If you are active on social media, you must have seen it once again. B Tech Panipuri girl She is trending and that’s because she bought herself a new Mahindra Thar car.

Taapsee told the media that today she bought a Mahindra Thar car for herself with the help of her Panipuri business. Let us also tell you that Taapsee is with her at the moment. 21 years old, At an age when most people don’t know what to do? At this age B Tech Panipuri girl Buying your own car.

Prianna has become for the people.

B Tech Panipuri girl Today, she has become an inspiration to many as she started her business as a girl at a very young age and started her own business at a very young age. Running a business It also showed which is a big thing.

So today B Tech Panipuri girl The BTech Panipuri girl, who has become a source of inspiration for all, also keeps sharing her videos and pictures on her Instagram, which you can check out by visiting her Instagram.

B Tech Panipuri Girl Interview

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