TATA Tiago EV No less than a boon for the common man, this TATA car will run 50KM for just Rs.10.

TATA Tiago EV: Tata has always been making great cars and recently Tata has launched another car, TATA Tiago EV, which is a budget friendly electric car that offers a range of 50 km for just Rs.10. With the changing times, cars have become a necessity for working people, especially women.

However, if you want to drive, driving costs can be expensive. Budget petrol cars. It costs around Rs 7 per km. This expense can be prohibitive, which is why the Tata Tiago EV is a great option for those looking for a cost-effective and convenient solution.

Tata Tiago EV is very popular among TATA vehicles. It has received a 4-star safety rating from NCAP.

Tata Tiago EV Price 2023 (Exciting Offer), Photos, Colors and Reviews

Tata Motors dominates the electric car segment in India with around 85% market share. The TATA Tiago is part of the EV range of electric vehicles, which includes models priced from Rs 8.69 lakh to Rs 30 lakh. The on-road price of the base model Tiago EV in Delhi is around Rs 9.20 lakh.

TATA Tiago EV Maintenance and Battery Replacement

One of the biggest benefits of buying a Tata Tiago EV is that it saves on daily expenses. If you drive it 100 km per day, the cost of petrol will be around Rs 700, but with the Tiago EV, it is only Rs 10 to 20.

TATA Tiago EV Base model

The initial model of the Tiago EV comes with a 19kWh battery, which gives a range of 250 km on a single charge.

Although the cost of battery replacement can be a concern, battery prices in the international market are steadily decreasing, making batteries available at even more affordable prices in the future.

  • At just Rs 10, the Tata Tiago EV offers a range of 50 km.
  • Rather than buying a car for the whole family, it makes more sense to buy a car based on your daily needs.
  • Tata Tiago EV is an excellent hatchback with excellent performance, safety and comfort.
  • With a one-way cost of just 10 to 20 km, the Tata Tiago EV offers savings in daily expenses.
  • With a battery capacity of 19 kWh, the base model of the Tiago EV can travel up to 250 km.
  • Battery replacement will become more affordable in the future as battery prices continue to fall.

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