Bhanu Chopra’s Success Story: From Struggling in the Startup World to Buying a Rs 127 Crore Home

Bhanu Chopra Success Story

Success Story of Bhanu Chopra: One name is shining brightly in the changing world of travel technology and that is Bhanu Chopra. Bhanu Chopra’s story of understanding a real problem in the travel technology market and turning it into a successful business continues to inspire. Bhanu Chopra is aware of the problems of the travel … Read more

Arfi Javed Mickey Dress: Arfi didn’t leave flies at home, used them for fashion!

Urfi Javed Makkhi Dress

Arfi Javed Mickey Dress: Popular TV actress Arfi is known for her unique fashion sense. She is often in the news because of her clothes. Recently, Arfi has worn such a dress (Arfi Javed Mickey Dress), due to which she has become a topic of discussion among netizens. Nicknamed Javed She is always in the … Read more