Success Story of Puran Polly Ghar: This man made a multi-crore company by selling Poran Polly on a bicycle!

Success Story of Pran Poly Ghar: Someone has rightly said that dreams are not what we see in sleep, dreams are what do not let us sleep. Today this thing Karnataka Residents of KR Bhaskar has proved it to be true.

Many daily today Businesses and startups There are stories on the internet that can inspire you a lot, today we bring you one such story. Start success We have come up with the story in which this man saw a very bad time but today he has built a multi-crore company.

Here we are talking KR Bhaskar The one who Poran Poly House He owns the company and today earns crores of rupees with the help of his startup. In today’s article we will tell you. Success story of Pran Poly Ghar We are going to tell you how Bhaskar has made his business worth crores today.

Success Story of Puran Polly Ghar: This man made a multi-crore company by selling Poran Polly on a bicycle!Success Story of Puran Polly Ghar: This man made a multi-crore company by selling Poran Polly on a bicycle!

This is how Puran Poli Ghar started.

KR Bhaskar He belongs to the Indian state of Karnataka, which today… Poran Poly House owns the company. Bhaskar was born in a poor family, but from childhood he was determined to do something big, which is why he started working at a very young age.

Bhaskar had told in one of his interviews that he only At the age of 12 Started working as a waiter in a hotel in Bengaluru. Hotel utensils up to 5 years And the tables were cleared. After which he worked as a dance instructor for 8 years.

While doing this, he also did many small jobs but it was very difficult to support him with these jobs. Then with self-confidence he started cycling. Decided to sell Puranapoli. And from here to theirs Poran Poly House The company was started.

Created a multi-crore company by selling bicycles

In the beginning KR Bhaskar He used to sell the puran poly he made on a bicycle and earned his livelihood in this way. One day like this Bhaskar Selected in the cooking show, followed by Bhaskar local area I became popular.

From here he slowly started to transform his porn poly business into a brand, after which he started his first business. Poran Poly House This outlet was opened in Karnataka and thereafter Bhaskar and his company grew rapidly.

Many shops have opened.

today KR Bhaskar A number of outlets of Pooran Polyghar Company have opened in the state of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Every month with the help of all these outlets Poran Poly House The company’s sales are in the millions, and every day this company More than 1000 Poran poly is sold.

Let us tell you. Apart from Puran Polly This company at its outlets More than 400 It also sells various snacks, today the company has become a multi-crore company because KR Bhaskar Believe in yourself and move forward.

Pran Poly Ghar success story interview

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