Starlink Gen 3 Router which will revolutionize internet connectivity.

Starlink Gen 3 Router – This router comes with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, it has decided to give its new router Starlink Generation 3 to some experts in some selected cities for testing, after paying those experts $200 USD. The value of this Starlink generation 3 router, this router is designed to work with the new Starlink V2 generation, this router has two or more than 100 Ethernet ports, which makes it compatible with many devices. Will work.

The most special thing about this router that makes it different from others is its shape and design. It is a small round shaped router, in a way it can be called a pocket router. Starlink Generation 3 Routers Selected Homes are available in It is being told that experts have been very impressed with this router during testing, which SpaceX has shared in a report, has made many requests to Starlink, through this report. It has become clear, experts clarified that this router should be launched in the future as a successful satellite router in the global market, recently the FCC has approved Starlink Generation 3. It is approved for use as Wi-Fi 6.

Starlink Gen 3 Router Full Details

Starlink Gen 3 Router

Starlink Gen 3 Router Full details This is new Router Designed to connect to devices like the Starlink V2, SpaceX launched 22 more units as soon as they got approval from the FCC, sending them to more specialists in more new cities. Testing will be done, so many tests are being done because no router can connect. Satellites are carried from everywhere but this Starlink Generation 3 router is designed in such a way that it can connect from anywhere. That is why it has been sent to many countries for testing so far. After testing the initial units it is clear that this router is capable of working in all countries of Europe.

The company revealed a very surprising thing that any expert who wants to test this router does not need an invitation from SpaceX, but can buy this Starlink generation 3 router for 200 US dollars and test it. After whatever review you give will be considered by SpaceX, SpaceX says that as many experts from all countries will participate in the testing of this Starlink Generation 3 router, so that in a way it can be used in every country. I was tested, and some shortcomings were revealed. , which SpaceX can fix and launch this router globally.

Starlink Gen 3 Router Price and Launch Date

Starlink Gen 3 Router

Starlink Gen 3 Router Price and Launch Date– After successful testing of this router in all countries it will be launched globally, currently we can not give any confirmed time when it can be launched, when testing of this router is completed in all countries. will To be launched in a few days, it will be available for around 250 to 300 USD.

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