Royal Enfield will bow down to it, the classic legends affordable electric bike to be launched soon.

Electric Bike: Royal Enfield is doing best among other classic cars in the market. But they have not yet entered the electric segment. And due to the growing demand in the electric segment market, before the Royal Enfield, the classic legend is testing an electric bike. It plans to join the market with the green and clean bandwagon. The company has started the production of this new electric bike. And it can be launched globally very soon.

The Classic Legends electric bike will be affordable.

According to reports from sources, this EV is being developed in collaboration with the University of Warwick. And being developed as the most affordable electric bike in the segment. However, it is not yet known whether this electric bike will be launched under BSA or another Classic Legends brand or not. The motorcycle is still being developed for the UK and other European markets. So there is every possibility of it being BSA brand.

The Classic Legends electric bike will be launched in two variants.

The classic legend that will be presented with a very attractive look. The company is planning to launch it with two variants. However, the company wants to launch a premium EV first. After that, it will intend to bring a cheaper version. Hence this route is being taken. So that the company can also showcase its technical prowess and bring out compatible products with the best riding range.

Classic Legends Electric BikeClassic Legends Electric Bike
Classic Legends Electric Bike

Classic Legends electric bike launched.

Classic Legend currently sells several motorcycles under the Java and HD brands. But it competes directly with Royal Enfield in the Indian market. Over the past few months, the classic legend has upgraded its brand. So that the brand can be connected to more consumers. However, let us tell you that the Classic Legendary Electric is currently not being launched in India. It is currently being developed for the global market.

Features Available in Classic Legends Electric Bike

Classic legend Electric bike You are likely to get a fully digital instrument cluster. However, the company has not provided this information yet. But according to the sources, you are going to get an LED display in it. Which includes speedometer, tachometer, trip meter, battery position, clock to view time, smartphone connectivity with turn indicator, besides you get features like Bluetooth connectivity, smart assist navigation system with call and SMS alerts. It is possible to meet. The company has also not given any information about its battery pack.

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