Rishabh Sharma Scam: The vegetable vendor committed a 21 crore scam!

Rishabh Sharma Scam: Rishabh Sharma, a 27-year-old youth who appears to the world to be a simple vegetable vendor but is actually the biggest con man hiding behind him. Rishabh Sharma has become the source of a large network of fraudulent activities spread across 10 states in India. According to the report, authorities say that Rishabh Sharma is involved in 37 major scams along with 855 minor cases. The Times of India has revealed his involvement. As a result, Rishabh’s arrest warrant has been issued.

Rishabh Sharma scam: Rs 21 crore scheme

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Rishabh Sharma’s scam reached its peak when he defrauded a Dehradun businessman of Rs 20 lakh. After which the Uttarakhand Police arrested him on October 28. Ankush Mishra, a senior police officer, gave information about Rishabh Sharma’s background. How he became the biggest fraudster.

Deception techniques Created a fake website similar to the Marriott Bonvoy hotel site. Offered fake part-time jobs to write reviews.
Mini Trickade Succeeded in defrauding people of Rs 21 crores in just six months. Central figure in 37 fraud cases in 10 states.
Legal action The police arrested him on October 28 due to the bank account being traced.
International connections Suspected involvement with criminal gangs from other countries (China, Singapore) for money transfer.
Notable hunting The last victim was a businessman from Dehradun who lost Rs 20 lakh.

Rishabh Sharma Scam: What conditions did Rishabh face?

Created a fake website similar to the Marriott Bonvoy hotel site.  Offered fake part-time jobs to write reviews.

Some time ago, Rishabh Sharma used to work as a fruit and vegetable seller in Faridabad. With the lockdown in 2021, their income tax is locked. His vegetable shop was closed. And due to lack of money Zeb had entered the world of online fraud. All he had to do was earn money for his family by doing anything and started entering the dark world of this scam. It was becoming very difficult for him to come back from where he was.

Rishabh Sharma Scam: A Friendship That Was Ruined

Rishabh Sharma’s condition was very bad. At that time he met an old friend of his. Online scam I had gone deep inside. In just 6 months, he went from being a small vegetable vendor to the mastermind of a Rs 21 crore scam.

The friendship that sank.

Rishabh Sharma cheated by saying to work from home.

Rishabh Sharma scam

Rishabh Sharma’s scam revolves around offering work-from-home schemes to people. People lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Many people were looking for work from home jobs online. And Rishabh Sharma made this weakness of people his opportunity. He lured people by promising to work from home. First one, then two, this small fraud turned into a 21 crore scam.

Rishabh Sharma Scam: This is a reminder for you.

This Rishabh Sharma scam is a reminder to all of us how far cybercrimes are growing these days. People are falling prey to such frauds day by day. Government agencies work tirelessly to dismantle such networks. It is the responsibility of all of us to be vigilant. Be it online or offline, understand any scheme well before joining it. Otherwise stay away from it completely.

It is the responsibility of all of us to stop scams like Rishabh Sharma.

This scam of Rishabh Sharma tells us that to stop such scams the government has to provide proper employment opportunities. No one will knowingly engage in such evil deeds. Difficult situations in life force people to do such scams. There should be employment opportunities for all, only then such scams can stop.

The biggest lesson of the Rishabh Sharma scam

This story of Rishabh Sharma, from a simple vegetable seller to a Rs 21 crore scammer, brings to light the dark world of the online world. Authorities are continuing their investigation. But as a responsible citizen you have to be careful. Stay away from scams that are not trustworthy. And if you see any such scam happening, be a responsible citizen and report it to the nearest police station.

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