-Quit Microsoft job, started his own Flower startup (Revenue 18 Lakhs per annum)

Success Story of Abhinav Singh:- Abhinav Singh starts from a small village Chalbela, Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. He even got a job at Microsoft, one of the world’s biggest tech companies, and then returned to his country to grow flowers. This success story of Abhinav Singh is certainly inspiring.

Success story of Abhinav Singh It started with a homecoming from Microsoft.

Abhinav Singh at Microsoft OfficeAbhinav Singh at Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office

Abhinav Singh returned to India in 2014. But he didn’t come back empty handed but with a lot of knowledge and skills that he gained from working in a big tech company like Microsoft. After coming to India from abroad, he worked at Microsoft Gurgaon for some time. But the big salaries and luxuries of the corporate world could not stop him. Because his inner voice, his hunger to do something unique on his own, was haunting him. Then he chose a path that would bring him joy from his work and also impact the lives of those around him through his work. Then his new startup begins.

Success story of Abhinav Singh May Twist: Beginning of Gerbera Cultivation

In 2016, Abhinav believed in himself and decided to grow gerbera on his family land. While today’s youth are selling their parents’ old lands and moving out, Abhinav has set an example by doing something different. With the intention of helping the local farmers around him and giving them a new source of income, Abhinu invested Rs 58,16,000 and built a 4,000 square meter poly house. Now it is scary to see such a huge amount because this money was collected by taking a loan from the bank. In which the danger was high but Abhinav Singh’s intentions were even stronger.

Cultivation of Gerbera

Success story of Abhinav Singh May flower season brought income

February 2021 turned out to be a turning point in Abhinu’s life as his gerbera cultivation bore fruit. With this began a journey full of hopes. What started as just a side project turned into a successful business. Along with this, Abhinav’s monthly earnings from this business had reached Rs 1.5 lakh. Abhinu had just grown new flowers in his farm and along with the flowers he has provided employment to the poor farmers around him. Abhinav gave more than 100 jobs to people. While other big startups and companies are laying off people, a young man like Abhinav Singh has become a beautiful cause of his own growth and the growth of others with his dedication and hard work.

Income of Abhinav SinghIncome of Abhinav Singh
Income of Abhinav Singh

Abhinav Singh Don’t just want to earn, you want to make an impact.

If we judge the success of Abhinav Singh only by financial figures, it would be completely wrong. Because the change you make in the lives of others through your work with your income is the biggest sign of success. His gerbera farming business is carried out towards the village. For this, not only his company but the whole village is developing. Now Abhinav doesn’t want to limit his work to his own village but wants to expand it to nearby villages and cities.

Changing people's livesChanging people's lives
Changing people’s lives

Success story of Abhinav Singh Motivation to do business

Where everyone belongs to their village. They are selling land and moving to big cities like Mumbai, Delhi. Most of these people are today’s youth. But if you understand the story of Abhinav Singh, one thing is definitely understood and that is that you must do great work, learn work but only if you have it in your mind. If you think you can turn it into a successful business, take the risk now.

Farming means a lot of sweat, the stress of growing successfully comes to mind. But if you give your passion the right direction, farming can also be a successful business, Abhinav proves through his story.

Abhinav Singh Gives Promoting local agriculture

Abhino Singh’s main goal now is how he can promote local farming. This does not mean that you only grow flowers. Do whatever you want but contribute to the development of your village. Abhinu believes there is no greater joy than seeing his village grow and develop.

I know corporate life is very luxurious but with it comes the compulsion to work round the clock, doing whatever the boss says, whether one is in a good mood or not. You want a great job and tension or you want to follow your passion and start a successful business even if the income is low.

Abhinav Singh’s success story is from a job in a big IT company to the confidence and risk of starting his own business. Abhinav Singh encourages us to listen to our inner voice. You’ll get less money, but you can count on the joy of doing what you love. If you have an idea, act on it now and turn your dream into reality.

Description Details
Name Abhinav Singh
background Formerly employed at Microsoft in England
Career change Returned to India in 2015, shifted from tech to agriculture.
Venture Cultivation of gerbera flowers with emphasis on polyhouse cultivation
investment 58 lakhs invested, got government subsidy
Date of Commencement Started planting gerberas in October 2020.
First sale Started selling flowers in February 2021.
Current output About 2000 flowers are sold daily.
Monthly Earnings Earning Rs 1.5 lakh per month.
Community Impact Employs about 100 people in his village.
Employee Appreciation One of the workers, Kasam Devi, expresses her gratitude for the work.
encouragement The joy that comes from creating livelihood and community impact
Future plans Dreams of expanding the flower farm and promoting farming tourism
Philosophy Values ​​community impact and unique contributions over financial gain.

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