Pure EV evoDryft Electric Motorcycle Launch, Rs 1.30 Lakh Only

Pure EV evoDryft electric bike: Hyderabad-based electric startup Pure EV has launched its new electric bike in the Indian market. evoDryft 350 There is going to be an electric computer motorcycle, which is going to hit the 110 cc segment in the Indian market.

Currently only petrol bike comes in the 110cc segment computer bike, but this is going to be the first electric bike in this range. Along with that you get a long range with a lot of great features. You can comfortably use this bike for your daily work.

evoDryft electric bikeevoDryft electric bike
evoDryft electric bike

Pure EV evoDryft 350 Electric Motorcycle Price in India

Pure EV evoDryft 350 electric bike Price in Indian market 1.30 One lakh rupees ex-showroom has been kept. This is going to be a boon for those who commute extensively by motorcycle on a daily basis, and want to save money by switching to an electric bike instead of a scooter. By taking this bike you can save Rs 7000 per month.

evoDryft electric bikeevoDryft electric bike
evoDryft electric bike

Pure EV evoDryft electric bike battery and range

The new Pure EV is equipped with a 350 kW electric motor with 6 MCUs to drive an evoDryft 350 electric motorcycle. This motor produces 4 bhp and around 40 Nm of torque. The motorcycle has a 3.5 KW battery pack. The company claims that it can comfortably reach a top speed of 75 kmph. And in addition, it is introduced with three excellent steering modes that alter the performance according to the rider’s needs. The company claims that you will get a range of 171 km on a single charge.

evoDryft electric bikeevoDryft electric bike
evoDryft electric bike

List of features of the Pure EV evoDryft electric bike

Features: This computer electric motorcycle is equipped with many excellent feature lists. It also features parking assist with reverse mode, casting zone, hill start assist and downhill assist. In addition, it has been introduced with Smart AI for longer battery life.

Feature Details
Model Pure EV ecoDryft 350 electric bike
Price Rs 1.30 lakh (ex-showroom)
Range 171 km on a single charge
Motor power 3 kW (4 bhp) electric motor with six MCUs
Peak torque 40 nm
Battery capacity 3.5 kWh
High speed 75 km per hour
Riding modes Three ways to change performance based on rider needs
Special features – Reverse mode – Coasting region – Hill-start assist to downhill – Hill assist – Parking assist
Smart AI Included to ensure long battery life.
EMI options Flexible EMI options start at Rs 4,000 per month.
Finance Partners HeroFincorp, L&T Financial Services, ICICI, and more
Retail availability More than 100 dealerships nationwide
Competition Revolt RV400, Hop Oxo, and more
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Pure EV evoDryft Electric Motorcycle Emi Plan

To make it more affordable, Pure EV is offering it with easy EMI plans. You can buy this bike at a monthly EMI of just ₹4000. For this the company has partnered with many best companies. Which includes Hero Fancorp, L&T Finance Services, ICICI and many more. Also, Whole Electric is going to sell the new Draft 350 from more than 100 of its dealerships across the country.

evoDryft electric bikeevoDryft electric bike
evoDryft electric bike

The company said this

Talking about the new ecoDraft 350, ecoDraft Company founder and CEO Rohit Vaderaji said, “Ecodraft 350 is a testament to our dedication to providing value products to our loyal customers. We believe it will redefine the way travel is done in India. The future A reliable and eco-friendly option will soon be introduced in the 110cc segment. We look forward to its positive impact on the electric vehicle landscape.”

Pure EV evoDryft electric motorcycle rivals

The new Pure EV EcoDraft 350 is going to compete with Revolt RV400, Hop OXO in the Indian market.

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