Pooja Bhatt Alcohol Addiction: Pooja Bhatt completes 7 years of quitting alcohol, post shared on social media

Pooja Bhat Alcohol Addiction: Pooja Bhatt is a famous Bollywood actress. He acted in several films including Didi, Dil Hai Keh Manta Nahi, Sadak and many others.

However, there was also a difficult phase in his personal life, when he became addicted to alcohol.

Pooja soon realizes that drinking is ruining her life. So he decided to give up alcohol in 2016. It was a difficult decision for him, but he made it.

Recently, Pooja Bhatt completed seven years of quitting alcohol (Pooja Bhatt Alcohol Addiction). To celebrate the occasion, he shared a post on social media.

In this post, he shared how hard it was for him to quit drinking, but how he did it.

Pooja Bhatt Alcohol Addiction – Pooja Bhatt was seen celebrating after kicking alcohol addiction

Pooja Bhatt's addiction to alcohol

Pooja Bhatt often talks about her life, including her alcohol addiction. He quit alcohol in 2016 and today, he celebrated 7 years of quitting alcohol on his Instagram account and shared a post on social media.

Pooja Bhatt recently shared some pictures from her Instagram handle. In these pictures, she is seen sitting in the sun. Pooja captioned the pictures, “Hard to give up when things get tough. It’s been seven years since I quit drinking.”

It has been a long and difficult journey, but it is one that I am proud of,” Pooja added. I thank all those who have helped me to reach here.

Pooja also offered advice to those struggling with alcohol addiction. She said, you are not alone, if I can quit drinking, so can you.

Said this about alcohol addiction

Pooja Bhatt's addiction to alcohol

Pooja Bhatt opened up about her battle with alcohol addiction on the show Bigg Boss. He revealed that he had a drinking problem and decided to quit.

Pooja said that earlier she used to drink alcohol openly. When he realized he had to quit drinking, he thought why hide it.

She said, “I thought if I’m going to give up alcohol, I’m going to do it openly. Why should I stay in the closet?”

Pooja said that many people called her an alcoholic but she corrected them by saying that she is a recovering alcoholic.

She said, an alcoholic is someone who refuses to fight his addiction. I’m fighting, that’s why I’m a recovering alcoholic.

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