Are you looking to activate a Vodafone conference call on your mobile phone? Then you are at the right place.
Vodafone Conference Call Activation - Everything you want to know

Currently, As we all know vodafone has been merged to Idea cellular and now it is known as Vi (Vodafone idea). So all the steps below will be the same for vodafone as well as idea users.

Here in this article, we have shared some of the useful methods for Vodafone conference call activation that will allow lor you to connect up to 5 other people at a same time.

Today due to lockdown many people are looking for other sources of application to connect with their friends and colleagues.

The method shared here is totally free if you are a Vodafone Idea user and the service is available for both prepaid as well as postpaid customers.

Only the people of Karnataka region are not able to take the advantage of Vodafone conference calls.

What is a conference call?

When you connect through the audio or video interface with more than two people at a time then the process is known as a conference. Similarly, the conference call means you can connect multiple participants on your phone call at a time.

The Vodafone conference call allows you to connect with up to Six different people including you and each of the other 5 people can further add up to find more participants on the same call.

Now conference calls are more effective that are used in organizations and large companies for their better facilities.

In the modern conference call you can even hold participants, can do one to one call, allow all participants and many more.

You can even do a conference call through telephone or using the web. Scheduling a conference call is easier for all the participants to present at the same time.

As many of the clients are busy with their daily routines and gathering them at the same time can be a difficult task and too tiring for them.

You can even conduct a conference call without all the participants present in the same location. Even if it is in another location or outside the country, still the conference call can be made and you can discuss the important matters of the company.

Almost all the latest handset supports Vodafone conference calling or you can also refer to your phone manual.

Although, in order to activate the conference call, you have to first activate the call waiting and holding services in your mobile number.

All the services are free to use for the Vodafone Idea subscribers and it is all included in the basic tariff package.

How to activate a vodafone conference call?

In some cases it may be very difficult to set up a conference call. like if you are a user of another operator then setting a conference call would be different.

Vodafone conference call activation process will be the same for both prepaid and postpaid customers of vodafone idea (Vi).

Open your message box.
  • Type ACT CONF in the message and send it to 199.
  • Wait for 15 minutes and after 15 minutes you will receive a message ”service is activated”.
Note: Additionally, for the people of east Uttar pradesh and Jammu and kashmir:
  • Type a message code ACT CC and send it to 199.
  • After 10-15 minutes your service will be activated.

How to make conference call in Vodafone Idea (Vi)

Step 1:

First, Open dialer on your phone.

Step 2:

Call the First person you want to add in a conference call.

Step 3:

Ask the First person to hold for a minute.

Step 4:

Again go to the dialer and now search or type a second person number.

Step 5:


When the call is connected, look for the merge option on your screen and tap on it.

Step 6:

It will now automatically convert your one to one call into a conference call.

Vodafone conference call activation charges

If you are on unlimited plans then there will be no extra charge for making conference calls. This service will already be applicable in your unlimited package and for a normal user 30 P/min is a charge to make a conference call.

Free minutes, night packs will not apply while making conference calls.

How to Deactivate vodafone conference call

A vodafone user can cancel or deactivate a conference call through a simple process by sending a SMS to 199.
Sms CAN CONF and send it to 199.

People of Jammu and kashmir and East UP can follow a process by sending
SMS CAN CC to 199

There is also another method to activate or deactivate service in Vodafone Idea i.e; using Vi app.

Step 1:

Open the Play store on your device and install Vi mobile app.

Step 2:


You can directly download Vi mobile app from this link.

Step 3:

Enter your Vi mobile number for login.

Step 4:

After login visit the services section.

Step 5:

Check the Status of Conference call and do the action (Activate or deactivate).

Step 6:

Confirm your selection and your request will be processed.

Step 7:

After 10-15 minutes you will receive a response.