How to do Jio f220b hard reset without any Computer 2021

If you are looking for jio f220b hard reset steps and want to reset your jiofi adapter, then in this post, I will assist you to do the same.

Since Reliance has launched its Jio service, the internet has boomed in the market. Now everyone is using smart devices either using the sim internet connection or through the Jiofi adapter.

Jio has also launched its smart feature mobile device in collaboration with lyf company.

So here I am going to show you how you can do a jio f220b hard reset.

Jio f220b Hard Reset

If you have a problem with your device and have already tried the Jio f220b hard reset, nothing works.

I know it may be very frustrating for you, and the same thing has happened to my friend recently.

At that time, I thought it would be great to write an article about the hard reset process of the Jio f220b in 2021.

This post not only saves your time but also helps to resolve your issue perfectly.

This Jio f220b hard reset method will not remove any data from your mobile. So, don’t worry about any data loss during the hard reset process.

All the models of the lyf jio mobile will be reset using the same process. This method will work for all the type of jio lyf mobile listed below:
  • Jio F220b
  • Jio F90m
  • Jio F120b
  • Jio F41t
  • Jio F61f
  • Jio F10q
  • Jio F30c
  • Jio F81e
  • Jio F50y
  • Jio F101k

Jio f220b Soft Reset

Without getting into the technical part of the device, you can perform a regular check. This regular check is known as a soft reset.

Restarting your device two times is a simple process that everyone can do. It will help you to automatically shut down your device, overheating issues, network problems and many more.

In the soft reset process, you have to follow few steps:

  1. Remove the battery of your mobile and sim card.
  2. Clean your battery and sim card with a clean cloth.
  3. Re-insert the sim and battery and try to switch on the device.

After that, check your device it is working fine and if it is not, then switch to the following method: the Jio f220b hard reset.

Jio f220b Hard Reset Process

The reset process will simply remove all your cache files and temp files stored in your mobile Bios (basic input/output system).

By removing all the default cache will sometimes fix the issue and make your device faster.

It also helps fix no display problems in jio lyf devices, and apps crashed, apps not working in jio devices, and many more.

The process is quite simple and hardly takes 3-5 minutes to complete. Make sure you charge your device more than 80% during the hard reset.
  • I am assuming that you have already done a soft reset process and restart your device two times.
  • Now you have to press the * key and power button both at the same time.
  • Release your hand from the power button but still keep pushing the * key.
  • Next, a menu will appear on your screen and look for the wipe data/ factory reset option.
  • Select the wipe data/ factory reset option and press the power button.
  • Next, select the Yes option from the list and press the power button.

Now Jio f220b hard reset process will start working, and the device will automatically restart once the process is complete.