How to change chart background color black in Zerodha kite application 2022

Most of the traders don’t know how to change the chart background color in Zerodha kite application.

In this post, I’m going to show you how you can change chart background color into dark mode In zero the application.

Zerodha has inbuilt two types of chart pattern the chartIQ and another is tradingview.

As per my opinion, both are working efficiently to show the data on the live market. chat IQ is released before the trading view in Zerodha and most of the people are already used to it.

That is the reason traders don’t want to switch to a new trading chart and it also has more features than tradingview.

Let’s get into this in details.

What is chatIQ? How can we change chart into chartIQ

Basically, chartIQ is a normal chart where you can see the moment of the stocks. This chart is mainly used by professionals who used to trade on a full-time brokers platform.

Chartiq is a newly developed chart which has built many functionalities and offers various features to the trader. Chat IQ is developed in HTML5 language means it is more fastest and responsive to run on any size of the device.

ChartIQ has both the free version which is available for anyone, whereas it also offers a paid option which has more benefits then freebee.

Cosaic is the company behind the development of chartiq and its focus to making it easier and highly efficient for users.

What is Tradingview?

Why is the tradingview becoming more popular and highly used by professional traders? Reading a chart in the live market based on price action without any indicator is quite simpler than other charts.

These days people focus on understanding price action and trade in the live market based on pure price action.

You can easily learn or understand the movement of candlesticks using a tradingview chart. Tradingview is a highly advanced chart reading platform for the stock market.

Tradingview represents the fastest movement of the live market, so you can make a good trade at a perfect time. A chart is not only the design you see on your screen, but it is a perfect movement of price in a specific time with a volume.

Tradingview never differentiates whether you are a new trader or professional, it shows the same data to everyone. But it is getting more understandable when you devote more time to trading.

It gives a clean and clear interface and if you are trying your luck in day trading, do start from learning tradingview chart reading.

Change chart background color

Changing the colour of your chart is similar in all the discount brokers like Zerodha, upstox, fyers and others.

If you are using chartIQ as your trading chart then it is quite easy to change the background colour to dark.

For that, you have to first login into your trading account and select the chart as ChartiQ or Tradingview.

Here, I am taking an example of Zerodha trading platform. You have to follow the same steps in your discount broker trading platform.

After that, you have to follow the below steps to change your chartiq background colour to black:
  1. Once you are in your Zerodha Demat account, you have to click on your username or profile photo(present at the top right-hand corner).
  2. A drop-down menu will appear there, you have to select my profile/Settings option.
  3. Now you will see a complete overview of your profile.
  4. Next, you have to look for settings options.
  5. In the settings section, you see the types of chart and theme.
  6. If you want to use ChartIQ, then select the option and choose Dark in theme.
  7. If you are using tradingview as your default chart, tap on tradingview and choose dark in theme option.

This is how you can change the background of your chart in Zerodha Kite app.Note: To revert it back you have to follow the same procedure and tick on default. It will change your chart into white colour default mode.

Create your own Theme

Angel broking is always known for its new features and add on trading methods. Angel broking introduced a zero brokerage trading service in India for Equity cash delivery and charged only ₹20 per order for Intraday, Futures and options.

It also provides one of the important features for the trader. Chart window is the backbone of trading, if you are using angel broking Demat account, then you have an option to create a theme and design your own chart style as per your choice.

  • To change the theme of the chart in angel broking, you have to first login into the dashboard.
  • Then you have to look for the Display option in the menu bar.
  • On clicking the display option, a drop-down menu will appear.
  • Look for Themes section, you can choose a day, night or click on a new theme.
    • Day Theme: It will change the theme of your chart in white colour. It is by default theme of any discount broker.
    • Night Theme: It will change the colour of your chart into dark mode. Nowadays, most of the new traders are using it as it looks more premium.
    • New Theme: This is the option where you can create your own trading chart theme. When you click on the New theme option a popup window will appear where you can change the colour of candle, line, wick, background according to you.