Alice blue is a well-known discount broker company in India, that provides a good amount of Intraday Margin & less or minimal Brokerage amount per trade executed.

Calculate Alice Blue Online Intraday Margin & Brokerage [Updated 2022]

Alice blue has offline branches of 17 branches in all over the country. Where they offer to personalize contact with the customers regarding any query and the problems. With more than 1000 + partners from all over the country, it provides the best trading platform to its customers.

Since 2006, Alice blue offers a higher margin or leverage for the day traders. According to the survey, Alice blue provides up to 20X leverage for Intraday orders & somewhere 1 – 2X for Delivery orders.

Alice blue provides two types of account according to the requirement of the customer. Both the accounts are available online as well as offline support. 

If you are from a major City then you have both options to open an account through online mode or by visiting the company.

If you are a beginner then I recommend you to open a trading account from its local branch as they provide better support and they will guide you better.

Calling trade as well as mobile trading applications are both available for online as well as offline accounts. 

The only difference is when you open an online account you will get online customer support but in case of an offline account, you will get both the options.

Alice blue Account Opening charges:

The account opening charges for Alice blue too are quite similar to other discount brokers. Where you have to pay a one-time payment of 500 to activate all segments. And if you are interested in equity trading plus Demat account then you have to pay 310 rupees only. For MCX trading accounts the chargers are 200 rupees.

Apart from this, there is an annual maintenance charge AMC is around 400 rupees annually. All the prices discussed above are excluded from GST means you have to pay an extra 18% GST for a particular segment.

Currently, Alice blue offers two brokerage plan for their users i.e;
  1. Trade Pro
  2. Freedom 20
Trade Pro, all the deductions and charges are termed as a percentage-based amount. Which means users have to pay a fixed percentage of a particular trade.

But when we talk about Freedom 20, users don’t have to check their brokerage percentage. A simple 20rs per trade will be going to charge irrespective of price and qty of the stocks.
Intraday Margin Brokerage calculator

The Brokerage Fee charged by Alice blue is very less as compared to other discount brokers. The minimum brokerage fee is 20 rs per trade executed or 0.01% of trade whichever is lower.

The traders who trade in a small amount can take advantage of this broker. They will not charge any minimum brokerage fee.

All the equity delivery for trade pro as well as freedom 20 are zero. You only have to pay the government charges and taxes which is around 5 – 10rs.

Brokerage charge for Trade Pro Plan

Brokerage charge for Trade Pro PlanCharge
Equity Delivery Charges0.001
Equity Intraday Charges0.0001
Equity Future Charges0.0001
Equity Option Charges₹20 per lot
Currency Future Charges₹10 per lot
Currency Option Charges₹20 per lot
Commodity Future Charges0.0001
Commodity Option Charges₹20 per lot

Brokerage charge for Freedom 20 Plan

Brokerage charge for Freedom 20 PlanCharges
Equity Delivery Charges₹0 (free)
Equity Intraday Charges₹20 per order or 0.01% whichever is lower
Equity Future Charges₹20 per order or 0.01% whichever is lower
Equity Option Charges₹20 per order
Currency Future Charges₹20 per order or 0.01% whichever is lower
Currency Option Charges₹10 per order
Commodity Future Charges₹20 per order or 0.01% whichever is lower
Commodity Option Charges₹20 per order

Hope you now know the brokerage and margin required in Alice blue. If you still have any doubt comment below. We are always happy to help you.