Ori shows middle finger to Pulak Tiwari, their fight chat is leaked, what’s the matter?

Ori and Palak Tiwari WhatsApp Chat Leak: For the past few days, Ori i.e. Orhaan Utramani has been in the news on social media. There is no celebrity that Ori has not participated in. Ori shares pictures from every party on social media. He is accompanied by various celebrities in these pictures. In such a situation, Udi is now in the news not because of the party but because of a different reason. Actress Palak Tiwari and Uri’s WhatsApp chats have gone viral on social media (Uri and Palak Tiwari WhatsApp Chat Leak). This WhatsApp chat between the two has attracted the attention of many people.

Ori and Palak Tiwari WhatsApp Chat Leak – Why did Palak Tiwari apologize to Ori?

Ori and Palak Tiwari WhatsApp Chat LeakOri and Palak Tiwari WhatsApp Chat LeakOri and Palak Tiwari WhatsApp Chat Leak

You will also be surprised to see that there is a fight between Palak Tiwari and Orhan Ottaramani. In anger, Orhan showed the middle finger to Pulak. All this fight happened in gossip. If you are wondering where his fight chat came from, then let us tell you that his private chat has been leaked. In the picture, it is clear that there was some misunderstanding between the two, after which Pulak is apologizing to Orhaan.

Ori and Palak Tiwari WhatsApp Chat LeakOri and Palak Tiwari WhatsApp Chat LeakOri and Palak Tiwari WhatsApp Chat Leak

Pulak first messaged Auri and said if you want to forgive then I will apologize for Sara’s sake. “I will not forgive you,” said Ori angrily, showing the middle finger. Uri then said that you should also apologize for your self-respect. Because you don’t know how to talk. Seeing Uri’s anger, it seems that the matter is very serious.

Sarah’s name is mentioned in the WhatsApp chat.

Sara’s name has also come up in a WhatsApp chat of Uri and Palak Tiwari (Uri and Palak Tiwari WhatsApp Chat Leak) which went viral on social media. Netizens believe that this is Sara Ali Khan. Sara Ali Khan’s brother Ibrahim Ali Khan is dating Palak, this kind of discussion has been going on social media for the past few days. Pulak and Ibrahim have been seen together several times.

Users on Oori were furious.

Orhan Uttarmani’s chat with Palak Tiwari has been leaked on social media. In the chat, Orhan is seen angrily pointing the middle finger at Paluk. After the leak of this chat, social media users are criticizing Orhan. Some users say that Orhaan might also have a fight with Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Pandey but then they didn’t. So some users are calling it a publicity stunt.

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