Ola makes its customers happy, bumper Rs 20,000

Ola S1 X: On the eve of New Year, Ola Company has made a huge sale of some of its scooters. Ola company has given a flat discount of ₹ 20000 on its recently launched ola S1. The price of this electric scooter in the Indian market is Rs 1,09,999 ex-showroom but currently this electric scooter is available at an ex-showroom price of Rs 89,999. More information about this is given further.

First S1First S1
Ola S1 X Scooter

What else is available on Ola S1

Along with reducing the price of Ola S1, the company has also offered a huge discount on this scooter with its Ami plan which includes a credit card discount of Rs 5000 on the purchase of the scooter and zero fee charge and zero down payment on the purchase of the scooter. Offers are given by Ola company in the month of December.

First S1

Information about all these discounts has come out a few days ago. When Bangalore Best Company thought of launching its affordable scooters in the Indian market, Ola Company announced this discount to save more on its scooters. And these discounts will start after December 15.

Along with this huge discount, Ola has also stated that if there is any fault in their company’s motorcycle or electric bike, they will fix it at the lowest possible cost, be it the battery or their design.

How to get Ola S1

To enjoy this offer, you can visit your nearest Ola showroom or online OLA website and buy it after knowing about this discount.

Ola S1 X Battery

A 6000 watt motor is provided to power this electric scooter, it supports a 3kw battery and this electric bike gets fully charged in 7.4 hours. And once fully charged, it can comfortably run up to 95 km. In Eco mode, it has a range of 125 km. It combines a 3kWh battery with a 6kW electric motor,

First S1First S1
Ola S1 X Battery

Features of Ola S1 X

Ola S1 X If we look at its features, many new features can be seen in it like Bluetooth connectivity, odometer, ghost light, clock, keyless ignition, fast charging, low battery alert, call alert, call messaging etc. are Let’s meet in this electric scooter.

Feature Description
Charging point Yes
Boat light Yes
Fast charging Yes
Mobile connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Keyless ignition Yes
the clock Digital
Speedometer Digital
Odometer Digital
Trip meter Digital
Battery warranty 3 years or 40,000 km
Portable home charger 7 hours 25 minutes
Roadside assistance Yes
Mobile application Yes
App Features:
Geo-fencing Yes
Charging station locator Yes
Calls and messaging Yes
Navigation Assist Yes
Low battery alert Yes
Mention it.

Ola S1 X Rivals

OLA s1x This scooter competes with scooters like Ola S1 and TVS iQube in the Indian market.

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