Now the Government of India will build a new airport in Lakshadweep, know the full details!

Lakshadweep New Airport Update: There is a lot of talk about Lakshadweep and Maldives these days in India, ever since Prime Minister Modi visited Lakshadweep, Lakshadweep tourism is trending on social media.

A part of India, Lakshadweep is a very beautiful tourist destination where thousands of tourists visit from far and wide every year. If seen, India’s Lakshadweep is similar to the islands of the Maldives. But currently there are not many facilities in Lakshadweep.

But now the Indian government has stepped up to make Lakshadweep the best tourist destination in the world, currently there is only one airport in Lakshadweep, due to which it is not easy for many people to reach here by flight. For this reason, now the Government of India is going to build a new airport in Lakshadweep, today in this article we are going to tell you complete details about Lakshadweep New Airport Update.

Lakshadweep New Airport UpdateLakshadweep New Airport UpdateLakshadweep New Airport Update

New airport to start in Lakshadweep: Lakshadweep new airport update

There have been reports from Indian government sources that very soon the Indian government is going to start construction of a new airport on Manikoy Island in Lakshadweep. At present Lakshadweep is a group of 36 islands, where only 1 island (Agati Island) has an airport and even then all flight facilities are not available there.

For this reason, a new airport will now be built on Mini Caye Island and this airport will be dual purpose, that is, common citizens will also be able to come to this airport with the facility of flight. Along with this, fighter planes and military planes can also land at this airport.

— ANI Digital (@ani_digital) January 9, 2024

Let us also tell you that a few years ago there was a plan to build an airport on Mani Kay Island, but at that time it was to be built only for the military, but now this airport will be built for dual purposes so that civilians can also reach here easily. so that you can enjoy your vacation in Lakshadweep.

Maldives problems to grow: Lakshadweep new airport update

If a second airport is built in Lakshadweep very soon, it will hurt the Maldives a lot, as currently the economy of the Maldives is largely dependent on tourism. Currently most people in India are boycotting Maldives because recently several Maldivian leaders had bad words for Prime Minister Modi.

If Indian government provides all facilities to Lakshadweep then most people will prefer to go to Lakshadweep as there is not much difference between Maldives and Lakshadweep. Due to this, tourism in Maldives will also decrease if a second airport is built in Lakshadweep very soon.

The Indian Air Force will fly it!

Let us tell you that currently only the Indian Navy is keeping an eye on Lakshadweep, but when this new airport is ready on Manikoy Island, it will be operated by the Indian Air Force, due to which the Air Force will also keep a close eye on it. Lakshdeep..

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This will rid Lakshadweep of robbers who visit other islands of Lakshadweep and more tourists will be able to visit Lakshadweep without any hassle.

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