Nora Fatehi Deep Fake Video: Now Nora Fatehi has also become a target, the actress lost her senses.

Noora Fathi Deepfake Video: After actress Rashmika Mandana, Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra, now Noora Fathi’s deepfake video has gone viral. In this video, Nora is seen promoting a clothing brand. Nora shared the screenshot of this deepfake video on her Instagram story. Sharing the post, Nora wrote, ‘Surprisingly, it’s not me.’

Nora Fathi Deepfake Video – What’s in Nora’s Deepfake?

Nora Fatehi Deep Fake Video: Now Nora Fatehi has also become a target, the actress lost her senses.Nora Fatehi Deep Fake Video: Now Nora Fatehi has also become a target, the actress lost her senses.Nora Fathi Deepfake Video

A video of Nora has gone viral. In it, she is seen promoting a fashion brand. This season’s sale will end soon, it’s revealed in this video. Nora’s video is perfectly made. Nora’s face, voice and body language have been edited in this video. Everyone watching thinks it’s Nora.

According to the information given by NDTV, the fashion brand was behind the making of this deepfake video. The company has denied all the allegations. The company has clarified that it was our effort to create awareness among people.

Nora Fathi Deepfake VideoNora Fathi Deepfake VideoNora Fathi Deepfake Video

The maker of Reshmika’s deepfake video is in police custody

Delhi Police on Saturday (January 20) arrested the accused who made Rashmika Mandana’s deepfake video. Delhi Police’s special cell unit, IFSO, has arrested the man from Andhra Pradesh. On December 6, a video of Rashmika went viral in which Rashmika’s face was visible. Rashmika then shared the video on social media and expressed her concern. Rashmika’s face was superimposed on the body of British influencer Zara Patel.

Heartfelt thanks to @DCP_IFSO 🙏🏼 Thank you for catching those responsible.

Feeling truly grateful for this community that embraces me with love, support and shield. 🇮🇳

Girls and Boys – If your photo is used or morphed anywhere without your consent. This is…

— Rashmika Mandana (@iamRashmika) January 20, 2024

Rashmika’s fan following grew considerably after acting in hit films like Pushpa and Jaanur. But after the issue of deepfake came to light, he expressed concern. Rashmika then said that she felt very bad after seeing this video. After Rashmika’s video went viral, the police had warned on social media that action would be taken if such acts were committed.

Sachin and Sonu Sood are also victims of deepfake

Actor Sonu Sood’s deepfake video has gone viral. In this video, a fraudster is seen asking people for money. Sonu Sood himself shared this video and made it known. A few days ago, a deepfake of Sachin Tendulkar was used for an app advertisement. However, the case of Sono Sood was different. In this deep fake, money was being asked from common people. In the name of Sonu Sood, people were being cheated.

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