New-Gen Suzuki Swift Sport Launch Date – This car will be launched in the market with 5 hidden features

New-Gen Suzuki Swift Sport Launch Date:- Suzuki is a well-known company, whenever this company launches a car, the demand for that car increases significantly in the market even before its arrival. Similarly, this time also the Suzuki company is going to introduce the Suzuki Swift Sport launch car which is a hatchback car, it will be presented in the Indian market in December 2024.

Suzuki Swift Sport 2023 Price in India

This car is also in great demand in the Indian market. Indian consumers want to know when Suzuki Swift sports car will be launched and what will its price be? So we tell you that it can be priced between 7 lakh to 9 lakh rupees in the Indian market.

For those who are premium customers of Suzuki company, the price seems less than the features of this car. It will be launched at a very low price, so that the car can reach many people.

Suzuki Swift Sport Colors

Suzuki Swift Sport Yellow

Suzuki has it. Suzuki Swift Sport The car is designed in a total of 8 colors, including Super Black, Speedy Blue Metallic, Pure White, Premium Metallic Silver, Flame Orange Metallic, Champion Yellow, and Burning Red Pearl Metallic, giving it a premium look. will give. Card

Suzuki Swift Sport Hidden Features

New Gen Suzuki Swift Sport Launch Date This car will

We are hiding in this car. 5 features Will tell you about what you might not know. The first feature of this car is in the car key, if you have forgotten your car parked somewhere, with the help of the car key you will be able to lock it. Press its lock and unlock buttons simultaneously

Another feature is the speedometer brightness that can be used at night. The third feature is a tray that you can fold the cup into. As per the fourth feature you can turn on both indicator and light from one place. And the fifth feature is for the bumper light.

Type of fuel Petrol
Number of cylinders 4
body type Hatchback
Engine Displacement (cc) 1198
Type of transmission manual

Suzuki Swift Sport Engine

Suzuki Swift Sport Dark Orange

The car is powered by a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine that produces 140 HP of maximum power and 230 Nm of peak torque. If we talk about its mileage in the city, this car can cover a distance of 11 km per liter of petrol and if we talk about the highway, this car can cover a distance of 17 km per liter of petrol. Its mileage can be measured from the road.

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