Made a multi-million company by selling shoes on Instagram

Crap Dog Crew Story: Every day new startups are launched in our country India, and that is why the number of startups in our country is increasing day by day. Also, according to a report, today’s youth in India want to start their own startup in their career.

This is also happening because every day some startup success story comes out, so today we bring you another new startup success story. In which some young people have created a Rs 100 crore company with the help of social media platform Instagram alone.

Here we are talking about Crap Dog Crew Story which is an apparel and e-commerce startup started in 2019 by 3 college friends Anchit Kapil, Bharat Mehrotra and Shaurya Kumar on Instagram page. So let’s read complete information about Crepdog Crew Story.


Started Business on Instagram: Crepdog Crew Story

In 2019, when Anchit, Bharat and Shaurya were sitting together, the idea of ​​a business came to their mind, after which the trio brainstormed and started Crap Dog Crew selling premium sneakers and streetwear. started .

To start Crepdog Crew, the trio created an Instagram page with the brand name to sell their products online as all three were well aware of the power of online platforms.

A few days after creating the page, the Crap Dog Crew page on Instagram started receiving good response, which led to many orders for shoes and streetwear, and the business of these three friends became quite profitable in the beginning.

Delhi physical store created in Delhi.

When Crapdog Crew founders Anchit Kapil and Shaurya Kumar saw that they were getting a great response from Instagram, the founders of the company planned to open a physical Crapdog Crew store so that people could come and shop at their store. Could buy shoes and streetwear for myself.

crepdog-crewcrepdog-crewThe crapdog crew

Almost every day, thousands of people come from far and wide to shop at their Delhi outlet.

Due to the good response of the physical store, the founders of Crepe Dog Crew are now planning to open another outlet of their business in a city like Mumbai. So that people from other cities can go to their physical stores and do their shopping.

A multi-crore company has been created.

Having started in 2019, Crepdog Crew Company was a profitable company from the beginning as its founders started the business on the social media platform Instagram. Also, in their first year of business, they made millions selling their shoes and other products just with the help of Instagram.

YouTube videoYouTube video

Apart from this, Crap Dog Crew has also received funding from startup investors and this is the reason why the company is worth more than Rs 100 crore today.

Crapdog Crew Funding Update

According to reports, recently Crap Dog Crew has also secured funding from several famous startup investors like Rahul Kayan, Harminder Sahni, Nikhil Mehra etc. in the company’s seed round.

How much money the company received from investors in this funding round is still being kept secret.

Let us also tell you that the footwear market in our country India is growing very fast and Crepe Dog Crew has made a good name for itself in this market. This company became a Rs 100 crore today because its founders had faith in themselves.

Crap Dog Crew Story Review

Article Title Crepdog Crew Story Startup Name Crepdog Crew Founder Anchit Kapil, Bharat Mehrotra and Shaurya Kumar Home Place Mumbai, India Crepdog Crew Revenue (FY 2023) ₹ 100 Crore Official Website Telegram link here

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