Made a multi-crore company by selling momos

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Today there are many types of food available to eat in our country India like: Chinese food, South Indian food etc. You must have heard about momos in Chinese food, these days momos are being sold in every street and neighborhood in every city because people are enjoying eating momos.

But have you ever wondered how much money one can earn by selling momos? If not, let us tell you that there is one person who has made a name for himself in the Indian startup world by selling momos. Momos company worth Rs 2000 crore. Parked.

The person we are talking about is Sagar Dariyani. Wow momos A company has been formed by the name of In today’s article we Wow Momos success story We will read about him and know how this man built a Rs 2000 crore company just by selling momos.

Wow Momos success storyWow Momos success story

Started the business with just ₹30,000.

Wow momos Sagar Daryani It was launched on 29 August 2008 in Kolkata, initially Sagar Momos Started the business with a small stall in which he… 30,000 only He made an effort. Sagar planned to start this business when he was in his final year of college and was then aged. She was only 21 years old.

At that time Sagar met his college friend About Homogeneity They also joined this business and both of them started working hard in it. In the beginning Sagar and Binod None of them knew how to make momos, so they hired a cook to help them. Momos at the stall Started making.

Sagar Dariani and Banod HomogaiSagar Dariani and Banod Homogai
Sagar Daryani and Binod Hamogai

Both Sagar and Binod named their stalls Wow momos Initially he did not get much response but after some time his stall started getting good response.

Parents did not support.

This is yours Momos When Sagar told his father the idea of ​​starting a business, he was not ready for it and no one at home supported him. Not supported. Even Sagar’s father taunted him “Now my son will sell Momo!”

But all these things and lack of support from family also stopped Sagar from starting this business. Couldn’t stop And finally he with his friends Momos stall Just started.

Many difficulties were faced

When Sagar and Binod Momos stall When he started the company, he did not get much profit even in the initial period The first two years They need someone to push their startup. Funds were also not available.

But both continued their efforts and adopted new ways to grow their business, such as – A t-shirt was made with my name on it. And he wore the same t-shirt wherever he went so that everyone knew about his business.

Apart from this, he also helps the customers who visit his stall. Momos were also tested for free. So that he can eat more momos from them. They together Momos They also started offering different types of momos like tandoori momos, fried momos etc. so that more and more people can visit their stall.

Today we have built a Rs 2000 crore company.

Starting the business from a small stall, Sagar and Binod gradually transformed it into a shop-like shop after some time. Wow momos Started franchising its outlets all over India as well as all over the world. Almost all of India today 26 states. in them More than 800 outlets have opened

If we talk to them. Momos Sales data is approx. More than 6 lakh momos, In today’s era Wow momos Being sold by So far the Wow Momos company has built approx. $68.5 million in funding Picked up by investors, leading to the company’s value today 2000 crores of Rs It’s over.

Wow momos And its founder Sagar Dariyani got this success because he didn’t underestimate the work and didn’t waste time thinking about what people would think of him.

A review of the success story of Wow Momos

Title of the article Wow Momos success story
Name of the startup Wow momos
Founder Sagar Daryani and Binod Hamogai
Home space Kolkata, India
Wow Momos Revenue (FY 2023) ₹450 crore
Official website
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FAQ: Success Story of Wow Momos

Wow Who Started Momos?

Wow Momos was started by Sagar Dariyani, a college student from Kolkata, India.

How Much Does a Wow Momos Franchise Cost?

Wow Momos franchise starts at ₹25,000 + GST.

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