Kirti Rawat Dream Come True: Her Long-Awaited ‘Yes’ to the Proposal

Kirti Rawat uploaded her first video on youtube about the lovely proposal by her boyfriend. Whom don’t know about Kirti Rawat, she is SIL of famous youtube Neetu Bisht and younger sister of Lakhan.

Kirti Rawat, a remarkable individual whose life story embodies resilience and inspiration, has been making waves with her extraordinary journey.

Kirti Rawat Said 'Yes' to Saransh Proposal

Born and raised with grand aspirations, Kirti’s childhood was filled with dreams that seemed out of reach for many.

However, her unwavering determination pushed her to overcome numerous challenges along the way.

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What Kirti Rawat Said in Her Video

Kirti Rawat

Hello there! Today, I’m excited to share an unforgettable day from my life. This is my first blog post, and trust me, it’s evident because it’s quite different from the flawless and organised blogs you’re used to seeing.

But hey, I’m here to share a special moment, giving you an unfiltered glimpse of my journey.

Let me start by saying I’m not a pro at recording every detail, so bear with me if I miss or forget to mention certain things.

Today marks a significant occasion, and I’m thrilled to take you along on this ride.

It’s not every day that such moments come by, and I wanted to capture and share this unique day.

But honestly, I’m not accustomed to daily blogging, and I’ll take it slow. I’ll reserve my posts for moments that are truly special, like today’s engagement proposal.

Firstly, huge thanks to Saransh‘s family for organizing this beautiful proposal. It’s essential to express gratitude to them for making this day memorable.

A Special Journey in My Life

I’ve just started my blog titled “Kirti Rawat,” and I would greatly appreciate your support.

Today’s blog is extra special because it’s about a significant event in my life. Without further ado, let’s dive into the day’s details.

The day commenced with a trip to the temple, a suggestion from an aunt, but unfortunately, the temple was closed. The journey then continued, and as we progressed, excitement filled the air.

Upon arrival, our room offered a splendid view of the Taj Mahal. It was breathtaking, and I couldn’t resist capturing it for you.

The moments leading up to the proposal were a whirlwind of preparations and excitement. The setup was beautiful with candles, setting the stage for the big moment.

A Special Journey in My Life

Finally, the proposal! It was emotional and heartwarming. While I won’t spoil it for you, let’s just say it was a memorable and joyous occasion.

Post-proposal, amidst sweet gestures from the hotel staff and dinner surprises, the day concluded on a heartwarming note.

I also made a video call to my close ones to share this beautiful experience with them. It was heartening to see their reactions.

As our day came to an end, I bid farewell to this beautiful place, cherishing the memories.

Goodnight for now, and until next time. Follow iEsphere for more updates!!

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