Khichdi 2 flopped at the box office

Welcome to another great article from us. In today’s article we are going to talk about it. Khichdi 2 Box Office Collection About. Khichdi 2 It is a medium budget film. Khichdi at 2 1000 screens was released. If we talk about the competition of Khichdi 2, then big films have been its rivals. Making a place in such big films is a big thing in itself. Khichdi 2 Box Office Collection So far so satisfactory.

Khichdi first started with a stage show and was later made into a serial. It was later made into a movie and now a series has also been made. Due to high demand from audience, producers Khichdi 2 Also had to be released. We are a strong actress in this film. Supriya Pathak Can see the solid character of Supriya Pathak is not behind in making people laugh with her unique innovation. Apart from this, Rajeev Mehta has done justice to the characters of Prafla and Angadbhai Babuji. The film’s producer Jamana Das Majithia is seen in the role of Himanshu.

Day 3 of Khichdi 2 Box Office Collection

today Khichdi 2 Box Office Collection But it is the fourth day. In the first two days, Khichdi 2 has earned well at the box office. It is expected to maintain its earnings on the third day as well. Static According to the report Day 3 of Khichdi 2 Box Office Collection in regards to 0.60 crore Rs Can earn Rs.

Day 2 of Khichdi 2 Box Office Collection

Khichdi 2 Box Office Collection On the second day also it is above one crore. The film Khichdi 2 is getting positive response from the viewers and audience. Static Accordingly, this film has earned well on the second day as well. On the second day also he tried his best to meet the budget by earning more than Rs.1 crore.

Day 1 of Khichdi 2 Box Office Collection

Khichdi opened at the box office approx. 1.01 Crore Rs The total collection of Rs. However, this film was not seen by a large number of people. Still, people responded well to it. Khichdi 2 Such films are placed in the experimental category. Such movies manage to get a lot of love from the people. Many times it also happens that manufacturers fail in such experiments.

Khichdi 2 Box Office Collection Table

Day India Net Collection
Day 1 [1st Friday] ₹ 1.1 crore
Day 2 [1st Saturday] ₹ 1.35 crore
Day 3 [1st Sunday] ₹ 0.60 crore
yesterday ₹ 3.05 crore
Khichdi 2 Box Office Collection Table

This time the movie will make you laugh as well as cry.

Khichdi 2 Box Office CollectionKhichdi 2 Box Office Collection
Khichdi 2 Box Office Collection (Image Credit-Instagram)

Although this film is a comedy film, which makes people laugh. All his characters are created in the same way. All his characters are seen doing comedy in the film. Every other scene has some interesting scene that makes the audience burst out laughing. But this time Khichdi 2 Some elements have also been added which may make you emotional.

Reaction to PM Modi’s film

It’s about time Prime Minister Narendra Modi He was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. At that time the title of the film was released. Narendra Modi also saw this movie in the theater at that time. This time also the producers of the film have sent him the trailer of the film.

Khichdi 2 Budget

if we Khichdi 2 Budget But if we take a look, according to a report, its budget 15 Crore Rs According to this budget, it is a normal budget film.

Khichdi 2 trailer

Khichdi 2 cast

Actor Actress the role
Supriya Pathak Kapoor Hansa Dhol Parekh
Rajeev Mehta Praful Tulsidas Parekh
Imam Kha Ke Chak Imam Kh Ke Thok (Double Roll)
Ing Desai Tulsidas Parekh (Babuji)
Vandana Pathak Jayshree Bharat Parekh
Jamuna Das Majithia Himanshu Chandrakant Seth
Kirti Kalahari Himanshu’s wife Parminder Kaur Seth
Anant Vidhat Sharma Kushal, TIA (Thai Intelligence Agency) agent
Prateek Gandhi Pilot (Special Appearance)
Farah Khan Self (Special Appearance)
Kiku Sharda Robot (special appearance)
Paresh Ganatra Makhanwala (Special Appearance)
Flora Seeni. Self (Special Appearance)
Khichdi 2 cast

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