Kantara 2 First Look Teaser: The first look of the hair extension ‘Kantara 2’ is underway.

Kantara 2 First Look Teaser: In September 2022, the movie “Kantara” was released. The story, scenes and acting of the actors of this film were very much appreciated. Kantara movie also made a splash at the box office. Now after the success of Kantara movie, the filmmakers have announced the prequel of this movie. The name of this prequel is “Kantara A Legend Chapter-1”. Rishabh Shetty’s first look and first look teaser (Kantara 2 First Look Teaser) has been released in this film.

Recently the teaser of this film has been released. The audience laughed after seeing this teaser (Kantara 2 First Look Teaser). But now, curiosity has increased in the minds of fans about this film. The first look of this movie is so amazing that the audience is guessing how amazing the movie is.

Kantara 2 First Look TeaserKantara 2 First Look Teaser
Kantara 2 First Look Teaser

Kantara 2 First Look Teaser – First Look of ‘Kantara A Legend Chapter-1’

Kantara A Legend Chapter-1 The first glimpse of the film has been shared by actor Rishabh Shetty on social media. In this look, Rishabh Shetty is seen covered in blood. He has a trident in one hand. Apart from this, the first look teaser of Kantara A Legend Chapter 1 movie (Kantara 2 First Look Teaser) has also been shared on Humble Films YouTube channel.

Kantara A Legend Chapter 1 The film will also feature Rishabh Shetty in the lead role. His first look in the film (Kantara 2 First Look Teaser) is out. But identifying them has also become difficult. Rishabh’s appearance in a unique role is currently in the news. Seeing the look of Rishabh Shetty, one feels fear. But after watching this teaser, the excitement about the film has increased in the minds of the fans.

Kantara 2 First Look Teaser

This teaser seems to be the story of God. It was already known that Kantara will not be a sequel but a prequel. This teaser is going viral on social media. There are harsh comments on it. Some people are calling this movie a blockbuster hit even before its release. While others believe that Rishabh Shetty will get an Oscar for it.

Made at just Rs 16 crore, Kantara earned Rs 400-450 crore.

Kantara Kantara

Kantara movie was released last year. The film created a storm at the box office after its release. Made at a budget of just Rs 16 crore, the film was so loved by the audience that it earned Rs 400-450 crore. The movie ‘Kantara’ was a hit not only in South but also in Hindi. It was after this movie that Rishabh Shetty got the status of a global star and now there is no doubt that Rishabh Shetty will get a good reputation through ‘Kantara The Legend Chapter 1’.

Now the audience is eagerly waiting for the movie Kantara The Legend Chapter-1. When will Kantara The Legend Chapter 1 movie release? And which actors will work in this film? The audience is eager to know.

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