India is now ranked fifth in the world.

World’s Largest Stock Exchange: India has overtaken France to lead the world. Top 5 Stock Markets Added to the list. In January this year, the French stock market moved India from the fifth position to the sixth position. But the ever-growing market of India has regained its fifth position. The stock market of India has been showing a very good growth since the month of March. This is because foreign investors want to invest their money in India. This is greatly improving the economic situation of India.

Indian market Capitalization (i.e. how much India’s stock market has grown) As of today, it is $4.1 trillion. India is now ranked 5th in the list of top 10 stock markets in the world. Since the beginning of this year, India’s stock market has gained $330 billion.

5 Largest Stock Exchanges in the World

If we compare the stock market of India, the size of the US stock market is 48 trillion dollars. It is followed by China with a stock market value of $9.7 trillion. Japan is third with $6 trillion. And in fourth place is Hong Kong, which contributes with 4.7 market size. And India’s stock market stands behind France with a market cap of 4.1%.

Stock market classification Country Market Capitalization (Dollars)
1 United States 48 trillion
2 China 9.7 trillion
3 Japan 6 trillion
4 Hong Kong 4.7 trillion
5 India 4.1 trillion
6 France 3.24 trillion
Top 6 Stock Markets by Market Capitalization

Jefferies, a well-known foreign brokerage firm, has said that India is a fast-growing market. Now it is only a matter of time before the BSE Sensex crosses 1,00,000. Jeffries This target has provided an opportunity for investors from all over India as well as outside to invest money.

Nifty and Sensex are at all time highs.

India’s stock market is growing rapidly. Both Sense and Nifty have gained 0.6% in the last 2 days. The Nifty has touched 20,826.95 points and the Sensex has also seen a significant rise. The Sensex is currently at 69,336.44 points.

Nifty and Sensex hit record highs for the second consecutive day.

5 Important Reasons Why India’s Stock Market Is Growing Rapidly

5 Reasons Why India’s Stock Market Is Reaching Record Highs
  1. BJP Govt: In the recently held state elections, BJP has won 3 out of 5 states. And those 3 states are Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. With the coming of BJP government, the confidence of the people has increased.
  2. Foreign money: FII (Foreign Institutional Investors) i.e. investors from outside the country are investing their money in the Indian market on a large scale. Due to this the stock market of India is growing.
  3. US bond returns: The yield (interest in plain language) of bonds available in the US market has increased. And to get more interest they invest their money in countries outside this country.
  4. Fixed interest rate: Be it the overseas market or India, the interest rates have been quite stable for some time now. Due to this the volatility in the market activity is less.
  5. Strong macros: Macros ie economic condition of India is quite good. India’s GDP grew by 7.6 percent from July to September.

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