If you book a train ticket for someone else, you can go to jail!

Railway Ticket Booking: Almost everything in today’s online age Has been online. Be it ordering your favorite food or doing some shopping at home, today everything is done online. Because of this trend of online things in the last few years Railway Ticket Booking Now most people are online only with their phones. Book your ticket let’s do it.

Due to which they do not have to stand in crowd to book railway tickets. But due to this fast growing trend many people violate the railway ticket booking rules as they have no knowledge about it.

If you book railway tickets online, you should be aware of this. Railway Ticket Booking For this we need IRCTC ID. IRCTC Personal ID We get it for free from the official website of Indian Railways. But did you know that if you IRCTC ID If you book tickets for others, you may go to jail.

Railway Ticket BookingRailway Ticket Booking

You may go to jail for booking tickets for others: Railway Ticket Booking

We often use our IRCTC ID to send messages to our friends etc. Railway Ticket Booking They do, but actually it is in accordance with the Railway Act. a crime are. Section 143 Railway Act 1989 Accordingly, only government agents and selected persons of the Railways can book railway tickets for others.

Apart from them, if any common man Personal IRCTC ID If you book a ticket for others, it will be seen as an offense and if caught, the person may go to jail.

The punishment can be as many years.

If a person books a railway ticket for someone else using his personal ID and is caught doing so, he will be fined around Rs. For 3 years You may have to go to jail.

Also that person Fine upto Rs.10,000 can also be imposed and if the case is serious, imprisonment and fine can also be imposed.

For whom can tickets be booked using personal IRCTC ID?

Now you might be wondering if you IRCTC ID If you can’t book tickets for others, who will you book them for?

So for your information, we inform you that you can book railway tickets for yourself with your personal ID, and also, you can book railway tickets with your personal ID. Your blood relation Or those whose name you have, you can book tickets for all of them. But if you book a ticket for a destination other than them, then As a crime will be counted.

Let us tell you that too. IRCTC Total monthly income from personal ID Only 12 tickets Can book for yourself.

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So friends, if till now you are booking railway tickets for others using your ID, then in a way you have committed a crime, so you should keep this in mind from now on. We hope this article has helped you. Railway Ticket Booking to learn about.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to book railway tickets online?

If you want to book railway tickets online then you can use platforms like IRCTC Rail Connect, Paytm etc.

Can Tatkal railway tickets be booked online?

Yes, railway tickets can be booked online instantly.

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