How to Make Android Phone Look Like iPhone

How to Make Android Phone Like iPhone 14 Launcher – If you too are bored with your Android phone, today we have brought you amazing tricks and apps that will make your plain Android phone look like an iPhone. Who wouldn’t want to have an iPhone in their hand instead of an Android phone? A cheap Android phone, then it is given a boring theme and launcher, which after a few days of using it you get bored, and you feel like selling that phone and buying another one, if you like the UI. Get an iPhone. For free, your old phone will become an iPhone, today we have brought some such amazing apps and tricks, so let’s see what are the tricks by which we can make our Android phone look like an iPhone.

To make your Android phone look like an iPhone, you go to an online shopping website and buy a cover with an iPhone logo, but when you use the phone, you get the same old Android theme and see, In situation we iPhone theme to your android phone. There are two ways to do this, first you can make your phone look like an iPhone by going to the Google Play Store and installing the launcher we mentioned, and secondly, you can use whatever phone you have to make it an iPhone. can make In the settings of this phone. Yes, let’s see what those methods are.

iPhone 14 Launcher for Android Mobile How to like

iPhone 14 Launcher

How to Make Android Mobile Like iPhone– First of all we tell you the first way to turn your Android phone into an iPhone, in which you need to go to the Google Play Store, then search. iPhone 14 Launcher After searching click on it, then install that app, after install open the app and tick full screen, after tick click get start, after that free app ask you some permission. which you have to allow. After that you have to agree to the terms and conditions and click on the iPhone 14 launcher, then turn on the notification access by turning on the iPhone apps icon, after that your phone will look like this. will come, the name of this phone will be all functions. Be like an iPhone.

iPhone 14 Launcher

Benefits of iPhone 14 Launcher

iPhone 14 Launcher

Advantages of iPhone Launcher- More than 1 million people have downloaded this app from Google Play Store so far and the most important thing is that this app is only 12 MB in size, which can easily run on cheap Android phones like Android. With the help of Android mobile can be completely changed, it works like iPhone in a way, with this app all apps icons on the phone also become like iPhone.

Make Android mobile look like iPhone with your phone settings

Make Android mobile look like iPhone with your phone settingsIf you want to make your phone look like an iPhone, you must first make your phone. the latest You need to update the version, then open settings and click on notification and control center, then click on control central style, if your phone is on old version then click on new version, then your notification menu It will appear like an iPhone. The look will start, and if you want to make your phone completely iPhone-like, you’ll have to use the launcher,

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