How to Find Leftover Luggage in Train, Check Details Now

Baggage left on the train: Whenever we travel by train, our biggest concern is to leave our luggage, lest we get off the train and our luggage remains on the train, and if that happens, we are more concerned. You keep your luggage, forgetting that someone might have taken it, but let us tell you that if you have left any of your luggage on the train, you can easily retrieve it.

The luggage was left in the train.

You absolutely have to keep this in mind. The luggage was left in the train. This is applicable only in selected states which are Gujarat and parts of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, if you are traveling in these states your luggage may get stuck.

The luggage was left in the train.

Baggage left on the train: If any of your luggage is left in the train, let us inform you that the railway police confiscates your luggage during RPF checking which you can do as per the details given below.

The luggage was left in the train.
The luggage was left in the train.

How to get your luggage, left on the train?

  • First of all you have to search Western Railway Amanat in your device and then click on the first website among all the listed websites.
  • You will then reach the home page of the Railways RPF Helper website, where you will see several options.
  • But you will see an option of split in the middle at the top which you have to click on.
  • After clicking on division option you will be shown many place names. You have to select the region in which you were traveling and your luggage was left behind.
  • After selecting your region, you will see a link that says Mission Railway Trust second from the top, which you have to click on.
  • As soon as you click, a file will be downloaded on your device, by opening it you need to check your goods in the file to see if your goods are listed in it or not.
  • If your item is added to this list, your item will be available. If this is not done then like you railway RPF did not get.
  • If your luggage has been included in this list, you have to give full details of what was in your forgotten luggage at the nearest railway station.
  • The goods will then be delivered to you by rail.
The luggage was left in the train.
The luggage was left in the train.

Let us tell you that when this mission was launched in 2021, about 2 crore 58 lakh worth of goods were returned to the people.

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